The Best NFT Memes of All Time

What are NFT Memes?

What are NFT Memes -

Memes are very popular today. They contain funny text, images, or, videos and are shared over the internet for amusement. Most memes feature pictures of regular people that portray an amusing concept to audiences over the internet.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets that run on the blockchain. The blockchain is the same technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Each NFT is unique and cannot be duplicated or reproduced. This means that an NFT can only have one official owner at a time. Due to this, most people are turning their assets into NFTs.

Recently, people have started to sell their memes as NFTs. This has helped most meme creators to make money from their memes. NFT memes have also introduced a new way of defining ownership as far as memes are concerned. That is why many people are turning into NFT memes. In this article, we will discuss the best NFT memes that have been created and sold so far.

Best NFT Memes

So, what are the best NFTs sold as NFT memes?  

If you are looking for the top NFT memes ever sold, we’ve got you covered. They include the following:

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#1: Nyan Cat NFT

Nyan Cat NFT comes first in our list of best NFTs of 2022 sold as NFT memes. This NFT meme was created by Chris Torres in 2011. Initially, it was a YouTube video that was later turned into images and GIFs. The NFT meme featured an animated cat and Japanese pop music.

The meme NFT sold for 300 ETH on Foundation, which was equivalent to $590,000 then.

#2: Success Kid NFT

Success Kid NFT is a feel-good NFT meme. It shows an 11-month-old baby staring at the camera and fist-pumping. The photo was taken by Laney Griner, the baby’s mother in August 2007. She then uploaded the photo to Flickr and it became popular on the internet as Success Kid.

The Obama administration used it to promote immigration reform. The meme NFT sold for 15 ETH on Foundation, which was equivalent to $51,841 at that time.

#3: Doge

In 2010, a kindergarten teacher named Atsuko Sato posted some pictures of Kabosu, a Shiba Inu dog. After some time, one of the pictures of Kabosu went viral on the internet, and this led to the birth of the “Doge” meme. The name of this NFT meme is inspired by the Dogecoin and Shiba Inu cryptocurrencies. The NFT meme shows a picture of a dog with a comic sans text written at its top.

The popularity of the NFT meme continued to rise over the internet, which in turn saw an increase in its value. The meme was finally sold for 1,696 ETH, which was equivalent to $4 million in 2021. This made the Doge NFT meme the highest-selling NFT. This sale happened during an online auction hosted by the Zora NFT marketplace.

#4: Charlie Bit My Finger NFT

This is one of the funniest NFT memes and one of the greatest clips on the internet, having been viewed by 886 users on YouTube. The clip was first posted on the internet in 2007. It features two British siblings named, Harry and Charlie, aged 3 and 1 seated and watching TV. Harry then puts his finger in Charlie’s mouth, who clamps down, causing a yelp from Harry.

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The NFT meme was sold through an online auction for $760,999 in May last year. The original video had almost a billion views on YouTube before its removal.

#5: Disaster Girl

Disaster girl is one of the most popular NFT memes. It has been shared over the internet since the time it was introduced. The meme first went live in 2005 when Zoe Roth, a 4-year-old girl posed for a photo next to a burning home with her face covered while wearing a devilish smile on her face.

The photo became popular immediately after her father posted it online and it was made into an NFT. Today, many people still use this NFT meme to depict other memes.

The Disaster Girl NFT meme was auctioned in May 2021 on the Foundation NFT marketplace. It was sold for 180 ETH, which was equivalent to $500,000. The meme caused hype in the NFT market and motivated many meme creators to turn their memes into NFTs.

#6: Overly Attached Girlfriend

Overly Attached Girlfriend is one of the funny NFT memes that we have ever had. Its clip was first submitted in a fan contest by Justin Bieber. The clip shows Laina Morris, a fictional character and an internet meme published in June 2012 in a YouTube video.

This funny NFT meme shows a girl putting on a disturbing facial expression and challenging Justin Bieber’s fans to make the “Girlfriend” version of his song titled “Boyfriend.” The NFT meme was finally sold for 400 ETH in April 2021, which was equivalent to $411,000.

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