What Is An NFT? How Do NFTs Work?

What is an NFT?

What Is An NFT? How Do NFTs Work?
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NFT (Non-Fungible Token) refers to a digital asset that is authenticated using blockchain technology. Digital assets are intangible items found on the internet. Examples of such items include videos, images, GIFs, and collages.

With NFTs, digital creators can “sign” digital assets and even make money from them. The concept of selling an item that can be found or reproduced easily on the internet may seem pointless to some people, not forgetting that the buyer will not acquire the copyright, sole ownership, or trademark of the item. But NFTs appeal to many because of authenticity.

With NFTs, a digital artist can authenticate a copy or copies of an asset, with each copy having a unique token. NFTs provide proof of ownership of a digital asset.

How does NFT work?

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An NFT is a unique piece of data running on the blockchain and it can be connected to physical and digital items to provide proof of ownership.

NFT data can be linked to digital videos, images, avatars, songs, and more. NFTs also gives owners access to tickets to live events, exclusive merchandise, and more. They can also be linked to physical assets such as yachts, cars, and more.

NFTs make it easy for people to buy, sell, and create items using blockchain technology. The use of the blockchain means that the items will be easy to verify. It is worth noting that once you buy an NFT, you don’t get commercial rights, intellectual property, or copyright rights on the underlying asset.

When it comes to how to make and sell NFT, the process is simple as outlined below:

  1. A person chooses a unique asset that is to be sold as an NFT.
  2. The object is added to a blockchain that supports NFTs. This is done through “minting”, which is the process of creating NFTs.
  3. Now, the NFT represents an asset on the blockchain, providing proof of ownership via an immutable record.
  4. The NFT can be bought, sold, or traded on NFT marketplaces or kept in a private collection.

What is an NFT art?

An NFT artwork is a collectible digital asset that can be traded online. Traditional artworks like paintings have value because of their uniqueness, that is, painted by hand using a special technique and unique paint.

As you know, digital files can be reproduced as many times as possible and copied and pasted the number of times the owner wants. This is not the case with NFT artworks. NFT artworks are bought and sold in the digital market with a digital certificate, proofing the ownership of a unique digital or physical asset produced by someone.

Just like assets in the real world, NFT artworks can only have one official owner.

NFT artworks are secured by blockchain technology, which is an incorruptible database that no one can tamper with. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum run on the blockchain network and they can implement their NFT systems if they wish.

See NFT artworks as digital art that helps you to prove the ownership of a store of value.

Because of blockchain technology, nobody can change the ownership record or copy or paste it to come up with a new version of the NFT artwork. NFT artworks and cryptocurrencies use the same database, but they are able to store more information, enabling them to work differently.

How to make and sell NFT

NFTs are created through a process known as “minting.” Minting is the process of associating data or an NFT with a particular object or asset. Note that the person minting the NFT must own intellectual property rights on the item to be minted. Minting NFTs with items you don’t own can land you into trouble.

The minting process is done on an NFT marketplace, so, sign up for an account on the marketplace of your choice. You will be asked to upload the file to be turned into an NFT and fund the transaction using Ethereum or any other supported crypto.

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After completing the minting process, you will get all the information about your new NFT, and the NFT can be registered with your digital wallet. You can choose to hold or trade the NFT.

Selling the NFT is as simple as listing it on the NFT marketplace of your choice. There are many NFT marketplaces that you can choose from, including OpenSea, Foundation, SuperRare, Rarible, and others. You should take time to understand the different fees charged for selling on the NFT marketplace. Most NFT marketplaces deduct a fixed percentage of money from every transaction in which an NFT is sold.

You will be required to set the pricing for the NFT. NFT marketplaces provide different approaches to setting the price. Once a sell transaction completes, the NFT marketplace will deduct crypto from the buyer’s wallet and transfer it to your wallet.

The Merge is the most expensive NFT that has been sold so far, at a price of $91.8 million. The NFT artwork was created by artist Pak. It was a mash-up of masses that anyone could buy.

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July 11, 2022