Grow your portfolio and make profit every month flipping NFT's

We select the right NFT sets for you. The only thing you have to do is follow our trade signals. Buy an NFT when you get a Buy signal.

Sell an NFT when you get a Sell signal. Easy as that.

You decide if you would like to receive our signals by e-mail, SMS or both. Once a signal comes in you can decide yourself to follow the trade by buying or selling an NFT on OpenSea or skip the trade and wait for the next one.

Keep your money secure, always

We will never take your money or get access to your OpenSea account or wallet. We don’t touch your funds. We only share our trading signals.

You decide if and when to trade yourself.

Trade wisely

Trading NFT’s is fun and can be profitable but please bear in mind that it goes not without risks. NFT trading involve substantial risk of loss. Please take into account the 4 rules below and read our disclaimer carefully.

Most Important Topics

Account Size

Please only fund your account with money you are able to loose. Do not trade with money needed for your daily live.

Money Management

Nobody can predict the future. Therefore it is wise to spread your risk. Never put more than 20% of your account in 1 NFT set.


Do your own research. Our team will never enter a set without research but everybody is different. Therefore we advise you to not blindly follow our trades but DYOR as well.


Never share your login details or the secret phrase of your wallet. Always be careful.