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The NFT industry is growing very quickly. Keeping up with the latest events, upcoming NFT collections, and whitelisting opportunities can be overwhelming, especially for beginners.  With so many NFT projects in the space, knowing where to start can be a challenge. This article is a guide on how to get started if you want to learn more about the NFT world, find upcoming NFT projects, and dig deeper into the subject. Although it may be difficult to find NFT projects that fulfill your interests, this guide gives you some methods to help you locate and evaluate what is offered in the NFT market. Let’s start.

What are NFTs, and why are They Important?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital tokens that use blockchain technology to offer proof of ownership and uniqueness.

Cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies are fungible assets because they are interchangeable. NFTs, on the other hand, are one-of-a-kind digital assets that are not interchangeable. NFTs can represent anything including tweets, memes, art, music, etc. Thus, NFTs are non-fungible.

NFTs are important because they establish a secure and verifiable record of ownership for digital assets, a challenge that existed for a long in the online world. NFTs enable creators and collectors to ensure that their digital works are unique and buy, sell, and authenticate items confidently on the blockchain.

One example that demonstrates the power of NFTs is the sale of digital artwork by Beeple for $69 million. The artwork titled “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” was sold as an NFT at Christie’s auction house, establishing NFTs as legitimate and valuable forms of digital art.

However, NFTs are not limited to the art world. They have the potential to revolutionize industries such as gaming, sports, and music where digital assets are highly valued but there is no secure and standard way of proving ownership.

Where to Find Upcoming NFT Projects       

The following are the top places where to find upcoming NFTs:

#1: NFT Marketplaces

NFT marketplaces are online platforms for buying, selling, and trading NFTs. They are good places to discover upcoming NFT projects and new artists.

NFT marketplaces list NFTs stored on various blockchains. They also describe each NFT collection by adding details such as the NFT creator, the number of available items, the trading volume of the collection, the price, etc.

To buy an NFT from an NFT marketplace, you will be asked to connect your NFT wallet to the platform. Some of the popular NFT wallets are MetaMask and WalletConnect. The NFT wallet should be funded with enough crypto for buying the NFT.

NFT marketplaces allow you to filter and sort NFTs based on various factors such as price, the blockchain network, category, etc. Some also feature a special section where you can find upcoming NFT projects. This can help you to prepare well to buy an NFT once the collection is launched. Some of the Popular NFT marketplaces are OpenSea, Rarible, Nifty Gateway, and SuperRare.

#2: Crypto Forums and Social Media

There are many online platforms where people discuss and share information about upcoming NFT collections and other crypto-related topics. They can help you know more about upcoming NFT projects and new artists.

Many NFT creators use Twitter to share their works and connect with the community. Thus, you can easily find upcoming NFT projects on Twitter.

Forums such as Reddit are also good places to find upcoming NFTs. There are different subreddits where you can find such information. You can also get information about upcoming NFTs on social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

#3: NFT News Websites and Aggregators

Some platforms and websites specialize in reporting on NFTs and other crypto-related events. They can help you find upcoming NFT projects and stay up-to-date with NFT market trends.

NFTCrypto is a good example of an NFT news website that covers the latest events in the NFT and DeFi space. There are also many NFT calendars online that aggregate and track upcoming NFT drops. These even have countdown timers for upcoming NFT projects, ensuring that you never miss any opportunity in the NFT market. These upcoming NFT drops are normally aggregated from NFT marketplaces.

Factors to Consider When Investing in Upcoming NFT Projects

The following are the most important factors to consider before investing in an upcoming NFT project:

#1: Rarity and Scarcity

The rarity of an NFT determines its value. The more unique an item is, the more its value is likely to be.

NFTs created with a set limit tend to be more valuable than those created without a limit. Also, NFTs that are genuinely unique or represent something unique, for example, artwork and music, can have a higher value than the common ones.

CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) are examples of projects with high rarity.

#2: Popularity and Reputation of the Artist

The reputation and popularity of the creator of an NFT is also important factor to consider before investing in an upcoming NFT drop. A popular artist with a good following on social media platforms such as Twitter can drive up the demand for their NFTs. It is also a good way of staying safe from NFT scams, which are common in the crypto space.

#3: Community Support and Adoption

Community is very important for NFTs. NFTs are designed and meant to be exchanged and traded in a community-driven ecosystem. An NFT project with strong support from the community is most likely to succeed and it can drive up the demand for its NFTs.

Also, upcoming NFT projects that receive the support of celebrities are most likely to succeed by driving up the demand and value of the NFTs. The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a good example of NFT projects that have benefitted greatly from strong community support.

Best Upcoming NFT Projects

#1: Copium Protocol

Copium Protocol, an upcoming NFT project (image-Twitter)

Copium Protocol is one of the best upcoming NFT projects this year. It allows investors to make money from passive crypto mining. The goal of the project is to use mine revenue from a real-world mining facility to maintain the demand for its native token, Copium Coin.

The project is planning to launch its Investor Pass NFTs and start its initial phase. During this phase, the NFT project will mint 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

#2: DAPE

DAPE (Degenerative Ape Academy) is a collection of 10,000 unique monkeys stored on the Solana blockchain. The monkeys are differentiated using characteristics such as fur, glasses, and clothing. They are a medium of exchange for users to exchange digital assets.

DAPE is Solana’s first million-dollar NFT project, led by Obbotis1, the head of project management. It is also one of the most popular NFT projects where users own all the intellectual property rights of their NFTs protected by smart contracts.

#3: Silks

Silks is a Metaverse game that provides players with a virtual place where they can experience the excitement of owning horseraces. Fans can buy, trade, and communicate with in-game NFTs such as Avatars, Horses, Stables, Silk Avatars, and Land. Players can earn tokens just for showing their gaming skills. One of the unique features of this NFT collectible is that the horses in the game are linked to real-world horses.

Once the racehorses win a race and create offspring in the real world, the corresponding horse owner earns tokens, that is, $STT. $STT tokens can be used to carry out transactions within the ecosystem. You can use them to purchase in-game items such as land, stables, avatars, and horses.

#4: Star Atlas

Star Atlas, an upcoming NFT project (image- nftevening.com)

Star Atlas is another best upcoming NFTs considering its blockchain-based game, set in the year 2620 with various characters, great content, spaceships, and incredible cinematic quality. Such features make it one of the best game-based NFT projects.

Since the NFT project runs on Solana, it is secure, fast, and charges low transaction fees. The game also has an innovative deflationary mechanism for rewarding players who engage in risky activities.

#5: Real Estate Investment Club

Buying Real Estate Investment Club NFTs will grant you exclusive access to a club of individuals. Your NFTs will also grant you access to Metacity and Digital Asset Property Group (DAPG). This Metaverse is being built using Unreal Engine 5 and there are plans to make MetaHQ its core. MetaHQ is an interoperable ecosystem that will feature many NFT use cases and monetization opportunities. This will give the NFTs value.

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