From Still to Animated: The Evolution of Art with NFT GIFs

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To most people, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are just static images. However, NFTs can represent more than images. They can be animated GIFs, video game items, or songs. This means that digital artists with a specialization in animation can sell their work as NFTs. This article is a comprehensive guide about NFT GIFs. You will learn how to create your NFT GIF and sell it on an NFT marketplace. We have also gathered the top NFT GIFs that you can buy today.

What is an NFT GIF?

A non-fungible token (NFT) refers to a digital certificate of ownership attached to assets such as artwork, images, videos, and GIFs. NFTs make it possible that there is only one owner for a piece of art in the whole world. Since they make digital items unique, NFTs have become very popular with a massive market globally.

The changes in the ownership of an NFT are recorded on the blockchain, which is an online ledger. The blockchain makes all transactions of digital assets performed on it accessible to the public, so you can see their changes in ownership from time to time. Examples of blockchains include Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon.

Recently, NFT technology has grown and expanded its purpose beyond collectibles. Many companies and brands have seen the potential of NFT technology in event tickets, limited edition digital items, certificates of authentication, and real estate.

An NFT GIF is just an NFT in GIF form. NFT GIFs are animated, and they are not static like other NFTs. They also include sports-moment clips such as the NBA Top Shot NFTs.

Why are NFT GIFs Important to Artists?

An NFT GIF gives an artist an additional medium of expression in the NFT space. Other than still images, digital artists can now use GIFs NFT to experiment with a new medium. Additionally, digital artists who have specialized in animated art have a new category of NFTs that falls within their area of specialization.

NFT GIF technology has also given digital artists a new way of making money and having their names known. Just like NFTs of static images, NFT GIFs can be sold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible.

Why you should create an NFT GIF

Creating an NFT GIF comes with many benefits. These include the following:

#1: Creative Freedom

Being an NFT creator gives you creative freedom. It makes you your own boss, unlike working for a production company or animation studio. You will get the freedom to create what you think will sell.

#2: Earn Passive Income

You can earn money by selling your NFT GIF on an NFT marketplace. However, selling an NFT is not the only way of making money from your art. Some NFT marketplaces pay royalties to sellers, meaning that a percentage of the sale price for the NFT GIF is paid to the original creator whenever it changes ownership. This means that if your GIF NFT is traded often, you can earn constant passive income.

#3: Reach a Wider Audience

Although NFTs are still in their early days, they have received incredible support from the crypto community. Token holders meet on Discord servers where they discuss the potential of an NFT project. Celebrities owning tokens from collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club also help create awareness of an NFT project to the general public.

#4: Experiment with a new Medium

As an artist, it is good to branch out or try new things. You can do that by creating an NFT GIF. If you are good at creating animations, you will realize that there is no steep learning curve.

What Do I Need to Create an NFT GIF?

You need the following to create an NFT GIF:

  • A computer that can create animated GIFs.
  • An account on a popular NFT marketplace such as OpenSea.
  • An NFT wallet such as MetaMask.
  • Some crypto for paying for the gas fees.

With all the above, you will be ready to create your first GIF NFT.

How to Create and Sell GIF NFT

How to create an NFT GIF (

If you have everything ready, follow these steps to create your NFT GIF:

Step 1: Choose an NFT Platform

Choose an NFT marketplace where to create your GIFs NFT. The blockchain on which the platform runs is also important because it determines the amount of gas fees.

Step 2: Create a Digital Wallet

You will need a digital wallet for storing your crypto tokens. MetaMask is one of the easiest digital wallets to use since you can use it right from your web browser.

Step 3: Connect your Digital Wallet to the NFT Marketplace

You should now connect your wallet to the NFT marketplace. There are many NFT marketplaces, but choose the one that meets the needs of your audience. Create an account there and connect your NFT wallet to it.

Step 4: Create your GIF Timeline

It is now time to create! You can create an animation GIF from scratch or an existing animation. Note that different NFT marketplaces have different restrictions when it comes to the GIF file type, size, and duration. This means that your animation GIF must meet the requirements of your chosen NFT marketplace. If your clip has a large size, you may have to edit it or clip it to be accepted on the platform.

Step 5: Create your NFT GIF

You should now upload your animated GIF to the NFT marketplace. You will be required to provide some details, such as its title and description before minting can be done. Pay the gas fees and the NFT GIF will be listed for sale on the marketplace.

You can sell the work through a fixed price or auction. For a fixed price, the GIFs NFT will be sold for the price that you specify. For the auction, you state the minimum price for the work and receive bids from different potential buyers. The highest bidder wins the auction and becomes the new owner of the NFT. Choose the method through which you want to sell your NFT GIF and it will be listed for sale.

Step 6: Promote your NFT GIF

Listing your NFT GIF doesn’t mean you’re done. You can’t sell it if nobody knows about it. Take your NFT GIF to the community by promoting it on social media. You can also hire NFT influencers to promote your work and reach more people.

Top 5 NFT GIFs

GIFs have existed since 1987. They are popular because they are easy to create and are supported by most web browsers.

Today, NFT GIFs are very popular, with some selling for millions of dollars. The following are some of the top NFT GIFs today:

#1: Nyan Cat by Chris Torres

Nyan Cat NFT GIF (image-Foundation)

The Nyan Cat NFT GIF went viral after it was uploaded on April 2, 2011, on the Foundation NFT marketplace. Its design was inspired by Marty, the cat owner. The animation was a way of immortalizing his beloved pet. During the 10th anniversary of the NFT sensation, the GIF was sold as an NFT for $583,464 by Chris.

Other than Nyan Cat, Chris Torres has created several other cat-inspired GIFs and sold them on Foundation.

#2: Finite by Pak

Finite by Pak was sold about a month after the sale of Nyan Cat NFT GIF, for almost twice the amount. The NFT was sold on the Foundation NFT marketplace for 444 ETH (or $864,507 at that time). The GIF features a coil that springs back and forth in an endless loop. It is mesmerizing and calming to watch the animation.

#3: War Haul by Jake

War Haul was sold for a quarter of a million dollars. The NFT GIF was created by Jake, a visual artist who describes himself as a boy with a dream. The GIF NFT shows barrels of oil set on fire, and the public is left to interpret. The NFT was sold for $69 ETH (or $223,627 at that time) on the SuperRare NFT marketplace.

Other than War Haul, Jake has listed other NFTs for sale on OpenSea and SuperRare NFT marketplaces. He is an American photographer, artist, and director.

#4: Lova Park by OSF

This NFT GIF was sold for 82 ETH (or $267,878 at that time) on the SuperRare NFT marketplace. It features a surreal scene in an amusement park where a roller coaster passes through a Ferris wheel. OSF is an NFT artist and collector.

#5: Welcome Home by Coldie

Welcome Home NFT GIF (

Welcome Home by Coldie is another top NFT GIF sold on SuperRare. The NFT was sold for 75 ETH. The GIF has a silhouette of a man moving to a place written “Welcome” walking on a road with changing colors.

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