George Floyd NFT Collection, Meme 2023 | Explain in Detailed

George Floyd NFT Collection, Meme 2023 -
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Introduction to George Floyd NFT Collection 2023

The George Floyd NFT Collection was made on Opensea, where people buy and sell digital things. It has pictures of George Floyd, like a painting and a digital drawing. You can get these on Opensea. George Floyd was killed by a police officer on May 25, 2020. This made many people protest against bad police and racism. Artists made pictures to remember him. Strangely, a few months later on December 7, people started making NFTs of George Floyd. These were on Opensea too. The “Floydies” collection was one of these NFTs. It used George Floyd’s picture. This is not a nice thing. George Floyd’s death caused big protests for fairness. In June 2021, the police officer who killed him was given jail time. Let’s discuss in detail George Floyd’s NFT collection in 2023.

Brief Overview About George NFT

The George Floyd NFT project sells images of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man who was tragically killed by a police officer in 2020. This started protests. The project has been on OpenSea since December 7. It’s not connected to Floyd’s family or activists, which is sad. George Floyd’s death was important for fighting racial fairness. NFTs called “Floydies” show his memory and are sold on OpenSea. Money from these goes to help Black Lives Matter and other fairness groups.

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One Floydie sold for a lot – $183,000! It was a funny picture. This NFT project is part of the “Minneapolis” collection, with art about Breonna Taylor too. Some use NFTs to make money from sad things, but others want to talk about fairness. Both ways, blockchain helps Black Lives Matter in new and good ways.

Price of George Floyd NFTs

NFTs are valuable because of the artist’s creativity and skill. Like spending a lot on a Van Gogh painting, people pay big money for digital art by NFT artist Mike Winkleman. Some people see Floydies as a way to remember George Floyd’s life. But the collection didn’t do well and was taken down. The most expensive NFT sold for about $9,739, but many were sold for $1,372.

George Floyd Coin NFT Digital Collection 

Floydies are a unique and modern way to honour George Floyd’s remarkable life. To attract buyers, many NFT projects use motivating words in their descriptions. The first set of Floydies NFT was introduced on OpenSea with this quote: “Having a Floydie is a great way to show who you are and your values. 

People doubt the truth of Floydies’ claim, even though blockchain helps human rights. The main issue with these NFTs is that it’s not clear if the money goes to good causes like the George Floyd Memorial Foundation or Black Lives Matter. The creators were unknown too. People shared their unhappiness on Twitter about Floydies’ anonymous creators profiting from the tragedy.

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From Where to Purchase George Floyd NFT

These NFTs were on OpenSea, a website called You used to be able to buy George Floyd’s NFTs there. But you can’t buy them now because the project was removed. NFT projects, like Floydies, have faced racial problems and can be misused by people to hurt and make money.


The George Floyd NFT is like a special digital token made by an artist named Beeple. It shows a painting Beeple made about George Floyd’s tragic death. When people buy this digital thing, the money will go to help the George Floyd Foundation. Figuring out how much the NFT might sell for is not easy. But things like how much similar NFTs cost and how many people want it can help decide. Also, why someone wants to sell it matters.

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In the end, these are only a few examples of NFT collections that got popular. There are more NFTs out there that are famous too. It’s smart to find out about those as well.


What is “The Amazing Life of George Floyd” NFT?

“The Amazing Life of George Floyd” is an NFT collection of digital artworks stored on the blockchain.

How many George Floyd tokens exist?

There are a total of 17 NFTs on Opensea.

How many George Floyd NFTs were recently sold?

There have been no sales of George Floyd NFTs in the last 30 days.

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