From Doodles to Dollars: Tips and Strategies on How to Sell Your Doodle NFTs

Doodle NFTs -

If you use Twitter often, you might have come across a line-drawn colorful pastel avatar. The rainbow illustrations are not cast members of a cartoon show, but they are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) belonging to the Doodle NFT project.

The Doodles NFT is not like the random scribbles created during a Zoom call. Burnt Toast, a Canadian illustrator, became famous after turning his simple, colorful doodles into Doodles NFT and creating a universe of avatars with different traits and backstories.

The NFT hype made various NFT collections explode in terms of popularity. Doodles was recently at the center stage after expanding into the tangible world with merchandise, events, a pop-up store, and an online community of supporters.

In this article, we have put together everything you need to know about Doodle NFT, including tips and strategies on how to sell your Doodles NFT.

What is Doodle NFT?

Doodles started as a collection of 10,000 NFTs made of colorful artwork by Scott Martin, alias Burnt Toast, a Canadian-based artist. The project was initially dreamed of by Martin and two former Dapper Labs employees, Evan Keast, and Jordan Castro.

The hand-drawn pastel imagery comprises playful characters putting on bright jewelry, animal costumes, sunglasses, and more. There are also non-human characters in the imagery, including apes, cats, skeletons, and pickles dispersed throughout the collection. The creator matched and mixed these attributes to come up with more than 100 rarity traits that determine the price and popularity of each doodle NFT in the NFT market, just like other NFT collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

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What We Know About the Doodle NFT Team

Scott Martin, the artist behind Doodle NFT, is a designer, illustrator, animator, and muralist. In January 2022, Martin told Fortune that his focus is on “making good art and reaching a large audience.” Before Doodles NFT, he had created art for brands such as Google, Dropbox, Skillshare, and Adobe.

Evan Keast, aka Tulip, is the one behind the project’s branding. He is a former employee of Dapper Labs and he led the team that marketed Cryptokitties.

Jordan Castro, aka “Poopie,” specializes in products and worked together with Keast at Dapper Labs as the product lead for CryptoKitties.

In May 2022, the Doodle NFT team added Julian Holguin, the former Billboard President as CEO and partner to “lean into music, gaming, premium content, and consumer goods.”

In June 2022, the brand added Pharrel, a musician and producer to the team as the project’s chief brand officer to produce “music projects, produce animated film & TV and creative direct product launches.” This was announced via a tweet.

What Makes the Doodles NFT Unique?

Just as their name suggests, the Doodles NFT comprises simple portraits of multicolored cartoon characters. Each Doodle NFT has a one-of-a-kind combination of traits that differentiates it from the rest. One signature similarity that each Doodle NFT has is that their left eye is always drawn outside of the boundary of the face.

Doodle NFT

The Doodles NFT was launched in October 2021. A total of 504 Doodles NFTs were minted and reserved for the project’s founders. Half of the creator revenue generated from secondary sales went to the Doodlebank, which is a collectively managed source for all initiatives within the Doodle community. The Doodlebank was seeded with about 420 ETH after all 10,000 Doodles NFT were sold via whitelist and preliminary sales.

The goal of the Doodle NFT project was to lighten up the NFT market with wholesome content. The team has a strong focus on community and sustainability, with the aim to bring the Doodles NFT project to the mainstream.

Why do People Buy Doodles NFT?

Those who like the simple aesthetic of the Doodle NFT project can decide to buy Doodles NFT and use them as avatars on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Previous fans of Burnt Toast’s artwork can buy the Doodles NFT to keep on supporting his art career.

Others find value in the growing community surrounding the Doodle NFT collection. Doodles NFTs have created a community that fosters inclusivity and collaboration. NFT enthusiasts desiring to be part of such a community may decide to purchase a Doodle NFT.

The collaborative nature of the Doodles NFT also attracts those who like taking part in the strategic direction of a project. Doodles NFT allows each member to have a say in the project and its future. The project’s participants get an opportunity to have a say in the next stage of the project via Doodlebank.

The Doodle NFT team has termed the project as “community-driven” and meant to “bring joy to everyone who sees them.” Doodle NFT has expanded beyond the initial 10,000 NFTs and launched new NFT collections, organized live events, and sold merchandise via its website. However, most of these additional benefits are only exclusive to the Doodle NFT holders.

Where are Doodle NFTs Sold?

The primary Doodle NFT sales were done on the Doodles website. Doodles NFT is now sold on secondary NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, SuperRare, Rarible, and Nifty Gateway.

To buy NFTs on such marketplaces, users are normally required to connect their crypto wallets to the NFT marketplace. The marketplace deducts some crypto from the connected crypto wallet and the NFT is transferred to the buyer. Some of the common crypto wallets are MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. This means that Doodle NFT buyers must ensure that their crypto wallets are funded with enough crypto coins for buying the NFT.

The Doodles NFT runs on the Ethereu blockchain, hence, buyers must ensure that their crypto wallets are funded with ETH, the native token of the Ethereu blockchain. This can be purchased from crypto exchange platforms such as Coinbase, Binance, and CoinMarketCap.

You can resale your Doodle NFT on the same platform after purchasing it. The NFT marketplace will require you to set the NFT price.

Most platforms allow you to choose between fixed price and auction. If you choose the fixed price option, the Doodle NFT will be sold at the price that you set. If you choose auction, the platform will require you to specify the range within which you desire to sell the Doodle NFT. You will then receive bids from different potential buyers. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder will become the new owner of the Doodle NFT. You will also receive payment for the NFT in your crypto wallet. Note that the NFT marketplace may charge the seller, the buyer, or both, some fee.

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Doodle NFT Offshoot Projects

Earlier this year, Doodle NFT launched a free companion NFT collection called Space Doodles for its existing NFT holders. Each Doodle NFT from the original collection was allowed to launch its spaceship “generated from more than 200 audio-visual traits and on-chain stats. The project uses “wrapped NFTs” in which the original NFT is stored in a digital vault and a smart contract is used to generate a Space Doodle. This indicates that a Doodle NFT owner can only hold a Doodle or a Space Doodle NFT at a time and the Doodle NFT project did not introduce more NFTs into circulation. Users are allowed to unwrap their Space Doodle NFT any time they wish to recover their original Doodle NFT.

The team has stated that Space Doodles and the accompanying on-chain stats such as the NFT’s piloting ability and mechanical knowledge will be used in future Doodles experiences and it is part of the brand’s expanding universe.

Earlier this year, Doodles launched its much-awaited Doodles 2 project on the Flow blockchain. Before the launch, Doodles had stated that the new project would allow people to mint a “base-level Doodle” and “choose generic traits like skin tone and hair color.”

Doodle NFT launched Doodles 2

Doodles 2 is customizable using wearables with varying tiers of rarity. The Doodles 2 NFTs are “dynamic” and the images take the form of full-body or profile pictures (PFPs).

The Doodles team also launched mysterious Dooplicator NFTs connected to the Doodles 2 experience. Every Doodles holder could mint the NFTs for free.

The Doodles team chose the Flow blockchain because of its “frictionless onboarding and world-class security, safety, and recoverability,” which is good for onboarding new users.

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April 11, 2023