Latest Doodles NFT Price and Sales Data

The current price floor of the Doodles NFT is 7.55 ETH. The NFT has a 24-hour trading volume of 92.75 ETH with 10 sales. The Doodles NFT price has risen by 1.21% in the last 24 hours.


The 7D average sale price for the project is 8.6992 ETH while the 7D highest sale price is 30.00 ETH. Doodles NFTs have a 7D lowest sale price of 6.55 ETH. The NFT is currently ranked #13 in NFT Price Floor with a floor cap of 75,500 ETH. Doodles NFTs have a listed ratio of 5.24% and a maximum supply of 10,000.

Understanding Doodles NFT

­The Doodles NFT is a collection of 10,000 NFTs created by Scott Martin, Evan Keast, and Jordan Castro. Before Doodles NFT was launched, Keast and Castro had already established themselves as NFT creators in the NFT market as they had developed an NFT project named CryptoKitties and launched it in 2017. Martin had also created his pieces and was trying to grow his brand in the NFT industry.


Doodles NFT project is made up of unique art that Martin created. He created hundreds of unique visual traits that are used in the NFT collection. However, the Doodles NFT project finally followed in the footsteps of successful PFP NFT projects such as Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, and Cool Cats. The developers decided to randomly mix and match the traits to come up with a full Doodles collection.

The NFT collection consists of creatures such as humans, apes, pickles, aliens, sentient flames, skeletons, and more. Just like other generative avatar collections, the Doodles NFTs vary in rarity and depend on their traits.

Doodles NFT project was launched on October 17 2021 and the launch price was 0.123 ETH per mint. Many NFT collectors considered the mint price to be. The NFT project intended to have an initial treasure of about 420 ETH.

Doodle owners are allowed to give their views on how to run the ecosystem. Most of the decisions are centered on how to run DoodleBank. In this system, 1 Doodle = 1 Vote.

Doodle NFT owners have participated in voting on proposals regarding Doodle live events, funding a 3D Doodles project, Doodles team scaling, and more. The Doodles Discord and Doodles Forum also provide the NFT holders with platforms to participate in the proposals. However, as the Doodles NFT project matures, proposals have become less frequent and initiatives have become common as the team focuses on the success of the brand.

By darnell
October 20, 2022