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In recent years, NFTs have completely changed how we see and exchange digital assets, sweeping the digital world. NFTs have created limitless opportunities for artists and consumers, from artwork and antiques to virtual real estate and music. NFT Giveaways are one trend that has become quite popular as the NFT business keeps growing.

In this blog article, we’ll go into the world of NFT giveaways and examine the top 10 finest NFT giveaways in July 2023. This guide will offer you the expertise to locate and participate in exciting NFT giveaways, whether you’re a devoted collector hoping to diversify your digital collection or a newbie ready to delve into the NFT universe.

Discovering NFT giveaways may be a thrilling experience since it allows you to get hold of valuable and distinctive digital goods without paying any money. However, navigating the giveaway environment may occasionally be difficult because of the constantly expanding number of NFT projects and platforms. 

Do not worry; we have done your homework and compiled a list of the most exciting and eagerly awaited NFT giveaways this month. So, let’s dig in and see how you can participate in the top 10 greatest NFT giveaways this July if you’re prepared to open the door to the world of NFT giveaways ideas and explore the opportunities. 

What are NFT Giveaways? 

NFT giveaways are promotional activities sponsored by NFT ecosystem projects, artists, and producers that allow attendees to win exclusive digital assets without having to pay for them. 

These giveaways have a variety of uses, including sharing the joy of ownership by giving NFTs to lucky winners, generating excitement and improving attention for a specific NFT project, rewarding devoted community members, and more.

NFT giveaway participation may be a fun and convenient method for novice and seasoned users to interact with the NFT market. The freebies frequently include requirements that must be met, such as joining groups, sharing material, following social media profiles, or participating in interactive activities. 

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By doing this, participants increase their chances of winning important NFTs and help advance and promote the projects they are passionate about. NFT giveaways might include various digital products, such as music, in-game items, virtual treasures, artwork, etc. 

These giveaways frequently include special or limited edition NFTs widely sought by collectors and enthusiasts due to their high value and scarcity. Participating in giveaways is becoming more alluring as the NFT market develops, giving people a special chance to obtain valuable digital goods and engage with the active NFT community.

Top 10 Best NFT Giveaways in July 2023:

Let’s discuss some of the top free NFT airdrops and NFT freebies scheduled for July 2023.  

1)Dapper Labs – Free NFTs for sports fans

Dapper Labs, founded in 2018, pioneered in popularising NFTs and transforming how we engage with digital assets. The firm achieved global exposure with the release of CryptoKitties in late 2017. It expanded its services with the release of the blockchain Flow, which focuses on NFT, in 2019 and the NBA Top Shot marketplace, which focuses on basketball, in 2020.

Players can obtain free NFT cards through giveaways that Dapper Labs frequently organizes. For instance, they gave away free LaLiga Golazos NFTs to football fans who created their accounts with Dapper earlier this month. 

Football greats, including Thierry Henry, Ronaldo Nazario, Sergio Agüero, and Robert Lewandowski, were featured in these packs. Additionally, players can get free packs by completing tasks (such as gathering three NFTs from dunk moments, for instance).

2) Gods Unchained – a well-known blockchain card that uses distinctive NFT cards

A digital collectable card game called Gods Unchained was created using the Ethereum network. Similar to older card games like Magic: The Gathering or its more recent offshoot, Hearthstone, players engage in combat using distinctive cards that represent characters, spells, and artifacts. The GODS token, which enables holders to participate in governance and buy NFTs, powers the in-game economy in Gods Unchained.

In God’s Unchained, every card is an NFT, guaranteeing ownership and traceability. With the help of the game’s Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanism, users may get prizes and cryptocurrencies. Gods Unchained blends captivating gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and distributed ownership of in-game resources.

Free players may gain GODS and purchase NFTs without spending any of their hard-earned money; however, buying more expensive and better cards will help you advance the rankings more rapidly. Additionally, although GODS may be sold directly on KuCoin, OKX, and several other exchanges, these cards can be exchanged on the Gods Unchained markets.

3) Enjin – A leading NFT project that rewards its wallet users with a free NFT

Enjin is a well-known NFT project concentrating on blockchain technology for virtual currency and gaming. Their platform is powered by Enjin Coin (ENJ), a native cryptocurrency that uses blockchain to facilitate the production, trade, and administration of digital collectables. Efinity (EFI), a highly scalable NFT-focused parachain, was introduced by Enjin in 2022 on Polkadot.

Enjin is a marketplace for buying and selling in-game products based on the blockchain and tools for game creators to incorporate blockchain technology into their games. Enjin and Microsoft worked together to create NFTs compatible with Minecraft in 2021. 

The introduction of Final Fantasy NFTs commemorating the game’s 25th anniversary was done by Enjin in collaboration with Ubisoft the year after.

Enjin is offering all new users a free NFT as a welcome gift; all you have to do is scan the QR code on the Enjin homepage with your wallet, and the NFT will be deposited to your account practically immediately via the Enjin Beam, a tool made to increase the spread of NFTs.

4) Binance NFT – A famous NFT marketplace with periodic NFT giveaways

The largest crypto exchange Binance also operates a market for digital collectables called Binance NFT. On Binance NFT, you can occasionally find unique NFT giveaways, like sports drops, gaming-related campaigns, and more.

A fantastic venue for developing your NFTs or a collection of digital treasures is Binance NFT. The platform supports both Ethereum and BNB Chain, two blockchains with smart contract capabilities to allow NFT use cases. 

Additionally, Binance just declared support for the alleged Bitcoin NFTs. The Bitcoin Ordinals (ORDI) project, unveiled earlier this year, enables users to record audio and visual content on the Bitcoin blockchain.

5) Axie Infinity – A P2E game with free NFTs for regular players

Players in Axie Infinity may control and engage in combat with digital monsters known as “Axies.” The Ethereum network allows for purchasing, selling, and breeding these Axies, which are non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each Axie is unique and useful in the game because of its unique characteristics and skills.

Players may win real money prizes using Axies, a monetization strategy that has recently come to be known as Play-to-Earn (P2E). Although most NFTs must be bought using Axie Infinity (AXS) tokens, users may earn them through in-game challenges and other chores.

6) Tamadoge – Win Upto $100,000 by Accessing this New NFT

A play-to-earn (P2E) environment is provided by the intriguing new cryptocurrency Tamadoge, which gives investors access to in-game earning opportunities. Tamadoge Pets are distinctive canine-like figures with various benefits at the heart of this ecosystem. Tamadoge Pets are produced using ERC 721 smart contracts and are minted as NFTs. 

To advance on the leaderboard charts, players compete with their own Pet NFTs to gain Dogepoints. Top achievers receive TAMA tokens as compensation. The first collection of Tamadoge Pets was launched on October 6th, 2022.

7) Battle Infinity – Play-to-Earn NFT Gaming and Metaverse Platform 

Battle Infinity is a P2E environment with several use cases similar to Tamadoge. Players may access and enhance playable NFT avatars in the Battle Arena, a virtual setting provided by Battle Infinity. All participants in virtual events and concerts held in the Battle Arena are represented by unique NFTs created using ERC 721 smart contract technology. 

Battle Infinity, one of the greatest metaverse NFT projects, runs a sports fantasy league based on NFT. Players may participate in this P2E component by acquiring NFT passes, winning more NFT prizes, and trading these digital assets on secondary best NFT marketplaces.

8) Lucky Block – NFT Competition Platform offering a Free BAYC NFT

Lucky Block is an NFT-based competition platform that gives users a chance to win various prizes by participating in weekly NFT and cryptocurrency drawings. For access to special NFT draws, the Lucky Block ecosystem issues its NFTs, which must be acquired. 

The Platinum Rollers NFT collection, consisting of 10,000 different NFTs and grants access to all of Lucky Block’s special Platinum draws, is one of the NFTs currently for sale on the platform. The NFT prizes in this draw vary from free Lamborghinis to game consoles.

9) SKULLX – Earn a Free Ethereum-Based NFT 

The next free NFT giveaway is SKULLX, a well-known NFT collection that includes 10,000 unique digital avatars. Each SKULLX NFT has a distinct picture of avatars in the shape of skulls, complete with custom skins, outfits, and accessories. 

SKULLX are ERC 721 tokens that were created on the Ethereum network and may be bought to enter to win various rewards and advantages. A participant in SKULLX’s NFT promotion had a chance to win a free SKULLX NFT. The lowest buy price in the collection is represented by the average floor price per NFT, which is 0.01 ETH.

10) Material World – Collect Tier Points to Win NFT Rewards

A collection of NFTs called Material World has 3,333 different NFTs. Each NFT collection in Material World emphasizes functionality and distinctive styles and accessories. 

This NFT collection’s three-tier structure, which awards points to platform members, is one of its key features. NFT purchases can generate points, which are then used to decide your tiers, with Tier 1 being the highest. 

Your levels will eventually grant you access to advantages like free NFT giveaways, exclusive events, and whitelist places. Investors may thus start buying these NFTs to have a chance at winning special rewards and perks in the Material World collection.

Tips for finding the best NFTs Giveaways

It may be fun to look for NFT giveaways since you can explore various projects, meet new artists, and possibly win important digital goods.

The following advice can help you locate NFT giveaways:

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  • On social media, follow NFT Projects and Artists: 

On social media channels such as; Twitter, Instagram, and Discord, many NFT projects and artists publicize their freebies. Follow their official accounts to learn about the most recent news, including freebies, from your favourite projects and artists.

  • Join the NFT channels and communities:

Collectors, artists, and enthusiasts congregate in the active NFT groups and Discord channels to exchange knowledge and have debates. These groups frequently have prizes that are only open to members. To learn about forthcoming prizes, sign up for relevant communities and have an active profile.

  • Get NFT newsletters and blogs by subscribing: 

NFT-focused websites and newsletters frequently compile and promote active giveaways in the sector. You may get frequent information on the most recent giveaways in the NFT field by subscribing to well-known newsletters or following trustworthy NFT blogs.

  • Find out about NFT Marketplace Platforms: 

OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare are examples of NFT markets that occasionally have sections or filters just for giveaways. Use the search options to browse these platforms and uncover current or forthcoming NFT prizes.

  • Participate in NFT Twitter and Discord Giveaway Accounts: 

Specific Twitter accounts and Discord servers are used to disseminate news about NFT giveaways. To receive timely information and participate in the prizes they advertise, join these servers or follow these accounts.

  • NFT Community Events: Attendance 

Giveaways are typical at the virtual events, conferences, and gatherings that NFT groups frequently organize. Attend these gatherings to meet other collectors and perhaps participate in special NFT prizes.

  • Follow Influencers and Curators in the NFT Space: 

The NFT space’s influencers and curators are worth following since they frequently work with initiatives and artists to provide prizes. To learn about the freebies they encourage, follow well-known people and curators who share your interests.

Last words: 

Finally, discovering and participating in the top 10 NFT giveaways in July 2023 might be a thrilling event for NFT fans. You can keep up to date and learn about exciting chances to win priceless digital assets by following NFT projects and artists on social media, participating in communities, signing up for newsletters, and becoming actively involved in the NFT environment. Try to explore best NFT wallets after getting giveaways. 

This July, embrace your inner explorer, get involved with the NFT community, and find the giveaways’ secret riches. Happy searching!

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