Connecting Creators and Collectors: The Power of the NFT Community

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that connect you to artwork, music, or your favorite artist. With most of the connections happening online, the building of a strong NFT community is important for every NFT project. NFT collections have unique communities that range from chat rooms to organized forums for education and professional networking. In this article, we discuss NFT communities in-depth and how you can build a strong NFT community for your project.

What is an NFT Community?

An NFT community is a group of persons with a common interest in NFTs. NFTs are unique digital assets stored on the blockchain that cannot be exchanged with anything else on a one-to-one basis. NFTs represent the ownership of digital assets such as artwork, collectibles, music, etc.

NFT communities are centered around the creation, exchange, and sale of NFTs. The communities comprise members who are artists, traders, collectors, and NFT enthusiasts. NFT community members often hold debates and discussions about NFT-related topics, collaborate on NFT projects, and share knowledge and expertise about NFTs.

You can find NFT communities on various online platforms, including Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit. The platforms enable members to interact and engage each other in real time, showcase their NFT collections, and share news and updates.

The Importance of an NFT Community

There are many reasons why you should have a community around your NFT project:

Creating a network effect

A strong NFT community can have a network effect since the value of an NFT increases as more people show interest in and get involved in the technology. This can cause more demand for NFTs, higher prices, and high adoption of the technology.

Encouraging creativity and innovation

A community NFT provides creators, artists, and developers with a platform where they can display their work and experiment with new ideas. This can create more creativity and innovation in the NFT pace, establishing new use cases for NFTs.

Support and Education

The NFT technology is relatively new, and there is a lot for people to learn. An NFT community provides a space where people can ask questions, learn more about NFTs, and get support. This can make the technology simpler to understand and more accessible to a wider audience.

Creating a sense of belonging

An NFT community can create a sense of belonging among those interested in NFTs. This can result in more collaboration, more engagement, and a strong sense of shared purpose.

Types of NFT Communities

The following are the various types of NFT communities that you can find online:


Profile Picture NFTs (PFPs) and large collections of 1,000+ NFTs focus more on social interaction within their communities. Although they may have other goals, the networking and interconnectedness of the community members is at the top of their mind.


Some NFT communities focus on creating and collecting art. The community members congregate around a curator or a curated collection. NFT art communities also focus on generative art, in which art artwork is generated algorithmically instead of each piece being created by an individual. Generative art has become a common way of creating NFTs for larger collections.


Games have led to the birth of gaming communities. This is also the case in the web3 gaming space. Most web3 games come with a Discord server that you can join and interact with other players. Their focus is on fun and receiving user feedback to improve their game.

Projects (OpenSource, DAO, etc.)

Some NFT initiatives have a focused and directed goal. They may start with a few people, but the collective effort of their community sees them soar to greater heights.

OpenSource NFT communities are loosely organized groups of persons who contribute to one specific project. Anyone can join these communities and make their contribution. They are mostly centered around open-sourced NFT marketplaces or open-source web3 software.

DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are token-gated communities in which token holders participate in governance. Members can submit proposals on how to run the organization, and holders vote on whether to execute the proposal or not.

How can I Build an NFT Community?

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An NFT community is essential for the success of any NFT project, but building one can be a daunting task. The following are the strategies that can help you to build a community around your NFT project:

#1: Build a Clear Value Proposition

The first step in building an NFT community is creating a value proposition that makes your project unique from others. This can be exclusive access to content, unique pieces of art, or exclusive access to an event. Your value proposition should be persuasive and easy to understand.

#2: Build a Strong Brand

Your NFT project should resonate with your target audience to make it strong. Its logo, name, and visual appearance should match your value proposition. Build a consistent brand across all channels, including your website and social media platforms.

#3: Leverage Social Media

You can easily find potential members of your NFT community on social media platforms. Use platforms such as Twitter, Discord, and Telegram to share updates about your project and engage your community members. Respond to their comments and questions.

#4: Host Community Events

Hosting a community event will enable you to build a sense of community around your NFT project. This can be in-person events, virtual meetups, or AMAS

(ask-me-anything). Such events will let you connect with your audience and build excitement around your project.

#5: Involve Influencers

Influencer marketing can help you to build a strong NFT community. Find NFT influencers, mostly on Twitter, and ask them to promote your NFT project. By increasing the visibility of your project, you will gain more members in your community.

#6: Implement Community Rewards

Community reward programs can help you to incentivize your community members to participate in your NFT project. You can reward users for attending events, referring new members to the community, or holding tokens.

#7: Offer Customer Support

Offering excellent customer support services is good for building a strong community NFT. Respond to the members’ questions and concerns, and provide clear and concise answers. Use customer feedback to improve your NFT project and make it more appealing to users.

How can I Join an NFT Community?

Most NFT communities congregate on Discord. Discord is a community forum platform based on text and voice with a high level of customization, making it suitable for organized community discussion. If you are venturing into the web3 space, set up a Discord account to enjoy the community access offered by many NFT projects.

Most NFT projects have social links on their official websites. You can visit the website for your favorite NFT project and look for the link to their Discord server.

Finding the right NFT community is a subjective experience. The best NFT community is the one that excites you. It should also make you feel like a welcome participant. Some NFT projects focus on art, while others may focus on new technology, culture, or networking. The mission, goal, and art of an NFT project can give you an indication of what their NFT community will be like.

Top NFT Communities to Join

The following are the top 5 NFT communities you can join now:

#1: NFT Signals

NFT Signals is a company whose passion is to simplify NFT trades. They offer an easy automated NFT signal system to provide investors with long-term stable profits. NFT signals make NFT trading easier for anyone to enter the billion-dollar NFT market. They deliver NFT buy & sell signals to their community on Telegram and Discord. By joining their channels, you will learn a lot about NFTs from their team of specialists.

#2: Doodles

Doodles is one of the top NFT communities to join (image- Doodles)

Doodles is a community-driven NFT project featuring colorful artwork created by Burnt Toast. Each Doodle NFT grants the owner voting rights for activations and experiences paid for by the Doodles Community Treasury.

#3: Moonbirds

Moonbirds comprises 10,000 utility-enabled PFPs of owls that grant their owners exclusive access to a Discord community. They can also stake their NFTs and earn rewards. The Moonbirds NFT community is home to many web3 industry people and provides an excellent platform for networking.

#4: Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is probably the most famous collection in the NFT space. Owning an NFT from this collection will grant you exclusive access to their NFT community, where you can enjoy several benefits including live performances from top celebrities in the world.

#5: World of Women

World of Women is an NFT project created for women’s empowerment. The project has now reached a significant number of female celebrities using World of Women NFTs as their online profiles. However, there are also male members in their community.

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