TofuNFT: A Next-Gen NFT Marketplace

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Tofu NFT is the V2 update of the SCV NFT marketplace, with faster speed, more robust features, and lower fees. Many users are trading NFTs on the Tofu NFT marketplace and they love the new design and no gas listing. TofuNFT is packed with features that make it easy for anyone to trade NFTs more efficiently. Its reputation as one of the largest NFT marketplaces has made it a preferred choice for NFT builders and enthusiasts alike. Continue reading to learn more about Tofu NFT.

What is Tofu NFT?

Tofu NFT is a complete decentralized marketplace for buying, selling, and trading NFTs. It was created by SCV.Finance and deployed on multiple blockchains. The marketplace is designed to be easy to use and highly optimized for efficient trading. TofuNFT succeeds SCV’s NFT marketplace, which began as a side project by SCV.Finance to provide NFT SCV holders a platform for trading rare NFTs from blindboxes. The SCV’s NFT marketplace quickly became one of the top NFT marketplaces on the Binance Smart Chain, with the highest sales volume.

The Tofu NFT marketplace inherits all the advantages of the SCV’s NFT marketplace, including fast loading and advanced filters, and it is equipped with many new features and advancements. Currently, the platform only accepts ERC-721 NFTs running on the Binance Smart Chain network. However, the marketplace has plans to support ERC-1155 tokens and other chains such as Polygon soon.

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From SCV to Tofu NFT

The SCV project focused on building the best portfolio of DeFi and innovation based on DeFi and NFT technologies. However, as the product and the community continued to grow, the SCV protocol expanded beyond the NFT market and simple yield farming to provide many creative products for NFT investors, and the project’s vision evolved to the next stage of NFT. Thus, the’s NFT marketplace was given a new name, Tofu NFT.

All SCV NFT marketplace users are advised to shift to the Tofu NFT marketplace as soon as they can. The old SCV marketplace will go offline. The good thing is that all SCV NFT marketplace features are available in Tofu NFT.

How Tofu NFT Works

The SCV NFT marketplace had both DeFi and NFT marketplace features, but the Tofu NFT marketplace exclusively focuses on NFTs. The beta version of the new marketplace was released in September 2022 and the team continued adding new features and functionality since then.

The full functionality of Tofu NFT was released in November of the same year. The V2 users benefit from gas-free listings when selling their assets on the platform, both fixed price and auction. It also allows creators and collectors to purchase and load NFTs with price tags in various currencies.

Tofu NFT Marketplace Features

The following are some of the features that you can find on the Tofu NFT marketplace:

Telegram Notification

Tofu NFT has a Telegram notification feature that you cannot ignore. You can connect Telegram to the platform, and you will receive notifications when your NFT is sold, outbid others, or win an auction. The feature is fast and customizable, helping you not to miss out on what is happening on the platform.

Filter Panel

The NFT Tofu platform has a filter panel that lets you see the properties of NFTs. You need to visit the Discover page and select only one contract/collection in the Filter Panel. The properties of the NFTs will be shown in the Filter and you can use a toggle button to change the conditions and filter the NFTs further. The Filter Panel also lets you search for activities with different types on the Activities page and see NFTs in your wallet that have not been listed.

You can also go further to filter the NFTs in your wallet by specifying the property’s conditions to put the rarest NFTs up for sale. Also, you can filter Activities by NFT properties to know the amount that NFT with rare properties was last sold for.

NFT Activity History

It is good to know the history of an NFT before buying it. The Tofu NFT platform has made this easy for you. Just open the details page of the NFT you are interested in, then scroll down to the history section and see the past activities of the NFT.

Tofu NFT activity history (image- Tofu NFT)

You will see the amount the NFT was sold for, or auctioned, by who, etc. Checking such details before buying the NFT will help you get a rough idea about its value. You can also see the historical sell price graph for the Tofu NFT to know how its price has changed over time.

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Finding Similar NFTs

The Tofu NFT team understands that it is tiresome to set filters one by one once you find a desirable NFT but you are not satisfied with its price. They have added the “Find Similar” button. To see this button, you must open the details page of an NFT and scroll to the bottom of the Attributes tab. The button does exactly as described above.

Tofu NFT Transfer

NFTs are ERC-20 tokens, which makes it difficult to transfer them in bulk on most platforms or tools. The Tofu NFT marketplace has implemented a feature that helps its users achieve this. They have a “Bulk” button that you can click and choose the NFTs that you want to transfer. You can find this button on your profile page. The platform has also implemented a feature that lets users list multiple NFTs as a package.

How to Trade Tofu NFTs

To start trading NFTs on the Tofu NFT marketplace, you need a compatible NFT wallet. Tofu NFT supports several wallets, including Wallet Connect, Trust Wallet, TokenPocket, MetaMask, and imToken. To sell NFTs on the platform, you must visit your Profile page to see the list of NFTs that you own. TofuNFT lets you search and filter the NFTs in your wallet and track all the activities regarding your NFTs and NFT wallet.

Tofu NFTs can be traded through fixed-price listing or auction with incentive bids. Both are easy to get started with and are gas-free. This means that you won’t incur gas charges to list your Tofu NFT for sale.

Once your NFT is listed for sale, it is recommended you activate the Telegram notification feature. A Telegram bot will then notify you after the purchase of your NFT or bids on auctions.

How to Sell NFTs on the Tofu NFT Marketplace

Before starting to sell NFTs on the Tofu NFT marketplace, it is worth noting that the NFTs must be ERC-721 compliant. The platform does not support ERC-1155 NFTs. You must also have enough tokens in your wallet to pay for the Tofu NFT price and other charges. The platform supports BNB and BSC tokens.

Tofu NFT marketplace (image- Tofu NFT)

Tofu NFT allows you to sell your NFTs through fixed price or auction, but you can also use the two options at the same time.

Visit the page that lists all the NFTs contained in your wallet. The page has various filters for exploring the NFTs. You will also see the Fixed Price and Auction buttons. You can also see more commands such as Send on the same page.

By setting a fixed price for your Tofu NFT, it will be sold for the specified price. Your total revenue will be calculated by deducting the market fees and royalties from the payment made by the buyer.

The auction approach allows buyers to place their bids on your Tofu NFT during a specified period. The highest bidder will become the new owner of the NFT once the bidding period ends.

TofuNFT also supports package listing for a single contract. Bundle listing involves bundling many NFTs (not more than 50) into a bundle and selling it on the Tofu NFT marketplace at a fixed price or auction. It is very useful when you have a bunch of NFTs at a low price and you want to save time by selling them as a bunch.

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September 3, 2023