Collecting Snoop: Exploring the Unique Appeal of Snoop Dogg NFTs

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have introduced a way for artists and tech fans to unite over decentralized currency. Many celebrities have entered the NFT space as buyers, but Snoop Dogg is one of the popular celebrities to mint his own NFT. The rapper entered the NFT space in 2021, and some Snoop Dogg NFT collections have been released up-to-date. In this article, we dive deeper into the world of Snoop Dogg NFT.

What is Snoop Dogg NFT?

Snoop Dogg is a cult figure in pop culture and hip-hop in his own right, and nearly everyone is familiar with his work and character. His NFT journey started with one of the most popular collections, “A Journey with the Dogg.” The collection emerged into the NFT space in March 2021 by the popular website. The collection featured eight authentic artworks. The artworks were inspired by the rapper’s exciting memories and experiences in life.

Other than the artworks in the “A Journey with the Dogg” collection, fans were also able to enjoy two songs as NFTs, “Diamond Join” and “Snoop Doge Coins” as a limited edition NFT. Part of the NFT sales from the collection went to Youth Football League by Snoop Dogg and prominent artists within the Web3 space.

The Snoopverse

In September 2021, Snoop Dogg entered into a partnership with The Sandbox gaming platform to create the Snoopverse. This Snoop Dogg NFT project was meant to offer the following to dedicated NFT collectors in love with hip-hop and expensive NFT collections:

  • Avatars inspired by Snoop Dogg.
  • 67 parcels of premium land.
  • 122 parcels of digital land.

The unique set of NFTs was launched in March 2022. Note that among the parcels was an actual mansion the rapper Snoop Dogg worth about $450,000 that was paid for by one user. The tokens were named “Snoopverse Early Access Passes” and they gave their owners access to the Snoopverse platform. Users could build their virtual worlds, get in touch with their land plots and avatars, and more.

Snoopverse Early Access Passes were the Snoop Dogg NFT collection for the Snoopverse (image- The Sandbox)

Snoop Dogg NFT Collection: The Doggies

In February 2022, Snoop Dogg in collaboration with The Sandbox Metaverse launched a collection of 10,000 NFTs known as “The Doggies.” These were voxelated NFTs generated algorithmically from more than 150 traits.

The avatars can be used as playable characters in The Sandbox Alpha Season 2. In other words, you can use them to play games, attend concerts, meet friends, and much more. Each NFT Snoop Dogg costs 150 SAND.

“The Doggies Avatar collection is one of the coolest collections to come to The Sandbox to date,” The Sandbox described Snoop Dogg’s NFT in a blog. “Don’t let this opportunity to own a piece of Snoop’s digital DNA in the Metaverse pass you by!”

Just like with other NFT collections, The Doggies Snoop Dogg NFT collection came in different types of varying rarities. NFTs with a smaller percentage of a trait were rarer than others. They were of seven different types including Human, Blue, Alien, Zombie, Dogg, Robot, and Golden. Human is the most common Snoop Dogg NFT, while Golden is the rarest. Below is the rarity of the NFTs in detail:

  • Human – Around 63%
  • Blue – Around 11%
  • Alien – Around 10%
  • Zombie – Around 7%
  • Dogg – Around 5%
  • Robot – Around 3%
  • Golden – Around 1%

Additionally, there are more than 10 unique and handcrafted avatars created for the few lucky collectors. There are also Dope Doggies, which are uber-cool avatars custom-designed by The Sandbox and Snoop Dogg himself. Next, there are the Classic Doggies. The avatars draw their inspiration from Snoop’s iconic tracks he has released over the years. Signature Doggies are collaborative pieces from The Sandbox and the top creators in the Metaverse.

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Other than the minted Doggies, some of the NFTs will feature a Snoop Dogg music video filmed inside The Sandbox. “This will be a unique opportunity to make music video history in the Metaverse — stay tuned for more details!” wrote The Sandbox.

A few lucky fans managed to join the whitelist and mint the NFTs 24 hours before the public mint went live. However, only those who held some select Snoop Dogg NFTs were able to access the whitelist. These included Snoopverse Early Access Pass, JADU Jetpack and JADU Hoverboard, FLUF Snoop Dogg Burrow Holders, Snoop Party Pass, and Rumble Kong League holders. 200 SupDucks were also selected from their Discord and included in the whitelist.

Snoop Doggy Cardano

Most NFT projects run on the Ethereum blockchain. However, Snoop Dogg was one of the first celebrities to mint their NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Other blockchains such as Solana have become popular because they are cheaper for minting NFTs. Ethereum blockchain users incur huge charges because of high gas fees caused by the huge traffic on the network.

“Baked Nation NFT” is a Snoop Dogg NFT that resulted from the rapper’s collaboration with Clay Nation. The NFT Snoop Dog project comprises 10,000 NFT characters created from clay. His son, Cham Medici, was also part of the project. The launch of this Snoop Dogg NFT pushed Snoop fans and crypto-watchers to use Cardano.

Cardano is also cheaper compared to Ethereum, which makes these Snoop Dogg NFTs more accessible than many others.

Each NFT in the collection grants its owner access to a special map on the Clay Verse. The holders are also granted access to exclusive Snoop Dogg tracks, launched under his label Death Row Records. Thus, the rapper has made tying music to NFTs a natural trend.

Where to Buy Snoop Dogg NFT?

You can easily buy a Snoop Dogg NFT on OpenSea. OpenSea has the highest number of NFTs listed for sale. It will require you to connect your NFT wallet to the platform. It supports various types of crypto wallets, including MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase wallet, and others. MetaMask is the most popular type of wallet on the platform.

If your wallet is ready, go to OpenSea and click the “Connect wallet” button on the top-right corner. You will be prompted to select the wallet that you need to connect. Choose your wallet option and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the connection. It is easy to connect MetaMask to the platform because it is available as a browser extension.

You will need some ETH in your wallet to buy the Snoop Dogg NFT. You can buy the ETH from crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and transfer it to your wallet. The ETH should be enough to cater for the Snoop Dogg NFT price and other charges that you may incur for purchasing the NFT.

Find the Snoop Dogg NFT that you want to purchase and click the “Add to Cart” button. You can use the search bar provided by the platform to search for it using Snoop Dogg’s NFT name.

Finally, open your cart to complete the purchase of the Snoop Dogg NFT. ETH will be deducted from your connected wallet and you will become the new owner of the NFT.

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What is Snoop Dogg NFT Price?

At the time of writing, Snoop B.O.D.R NFTs had a floor price of 3.33 USDC. This is the lowest price for which you can acquire a Snoop Dogg NFT from the collection. The Doggies on the other hand had a floor price of 0.034 ETH.

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