What is GameStop NFT?

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GameStop NFT is a platform where you can discover, collect, create, and trade unique assets called NFTs (non-Fungible Tokens). NFTs are created by communities, creators, and global brands from across the world. GameStop NFT runs on the Ethereum blockchain network’s layer 2 infrastructure. The platform is self-custodial, meaning that users are the true owners of their digital assets.

The GameStop NFT marketplace also allows users to connect to their cryptocurrency wallets such as the GameStop wallet. Note that you can use the GameStop NFT marketplace using this cryptocurrency wallet or other crypto wallets. GameStop’s wallet can be accessed and used as a browser extension. This means that you can store your crypto and perform crypto transfers via the web browser.

So, when is GameStop NFT coming out?

GameStop announced its plans to launch an NFT marketplace in February 2022. The GameStop NFT beta version is now live, and it allows users to trade, buy, and sell NFTs. The GameStop NFT marketplace says that with time, it will expand its functionality to feature additional categories such as more creators, Web3 gaming, and additional Ethereum environments.

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Previously, GameStop had stated that it will launch the GameStop NFT marketplace on the Immutable X liquidity platform. By building the GameStop NFT marketplace on the Immutable X protocol, the retailer wants to facilitate affordable, faster, carbon-neutral, and almost limitless transactions on the GameStop NFT marketplace. This will allow users to run any number of transactions they want on the platform without a negative impact on the transaction speed.

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How to Buy GameStop NFT

The GameStop NFT marketplace allows you to buy unique artwork, collectibles, and more. You can then transfer these items or trade them with other collectors, or even resale them on other NFT marketplaces. The GameStop NFT marketplace is a decentralized app that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and uses the Loopring Layer 2 scaling solution.

Here is how to buy GameStop NFT:

Step 1: Set up a wallet

For you to buy NFTs on the GameStop NFT marketplace, you will need a digital wallet. The wallet will help you to store the coins that you will use to buy the NFT. You can download the GameStop wallet here. However, you must have a Chromium-based web browser such as Chrome. You will be required to add it as an extension. GameStop NFT marketplace also allows you to use other types of digital wallets such as MetaMask.

Step 2: Fund your Digital Wallet with ETH

After setting up your digital wallet, you will have to fund it with ETH. You can buy the ETH from any payment provider that the GameStop NFT marketplace has partnered with. The ETH will be deposited directly into your connected crypto wallet. This means that you will be able to start buying the NFTs any time you want. When you purchase ETH on the GameStop NFT marketplace, it will be deposited into the wallet on Layer 2.

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You can also send a transaction from an Ethereum Layer 1 wallet to the Layer 2 account that you have linked with the GameStop NFT marketplace. When buying NFTs on this marketplace, only ETH that you have deposited in Layer 2 can be accessed in your balance.

Step 3: Purchase an NFT

Now that you have a funded cryptocurrency wallet, you can buy the NFT of your choice. You can find many NFT collections listed on the home page. To see more details for a particular NFT, just click it. A new page that shows the metadata for the NFT will be opened, and the metadata includes a preview of the GameStop NFT and the GameStop NFT price.

The GameStop NFT marketplace will ask you to confirm the transaction. Once you confirm the transaction, ETH will be deducted from your crypto wallet to buy the GameStop NFT.

All the NFTs you buy on the platform will be shown on the collections page. You can access this page by clicking your profile icon located in the upper right corner.

To sell your NFT, you must transfer or withdraw it to Layer 1. These options are located in the […] menu of an NFT in the collection.

Note that when buying an NFT, the GameStop NFT price will be determined by the listed price and the network fee.

The listed price is the GameStop NFT price as stated by the seller or the owner. Different GameStop NFTs will have different listed prices. The network fee is also known as the “gas fee” and it is the fee charged by the Ethereum blockchain or Layer 2. After summing the two prices, you will be able to get the total GameStop NFT price. The ETH tokens in your crypto wallet should be enough to cater to these two charges.

That is how to buy GameStop NFT.

By darnell
August 18, 2022