Creating One-of-a-Kind NFTs: How to Use NFT Generators

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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have changed the way artists create and sell pieces of art. The new technology, which is powered by the blockchain, helps an artist to make money from their work without relying on middlemen. If you are an artist and you’ve heard about the NFT craze but don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place. In this article, we discuss NFT generator software in detail.

NFT generator tools use artificial intelligence (AI) to create pieces of unique art that can be sold via blockchain technology. There are many NFT-generator tools in the market today, hence, you should choose the right NFT-generator tool. We will also review some of the best NFT maker tools and explain why they are a great choice for artists who need to explore the NFT space.

What is an NFT Generator?

An NFT generator is a type of software used to create AI-generated NFTs. With an NFT generator, a user can generate an NFT from a simple prompt such as an image or text. This means that AI-generated NFTs are NFTs that are created using artificial intelligence.

With the use of NFT-generator software for content creation and the advancement in artificial intelligence, it is becoming very easy to create unique artwork quickly. A good example that demonstrates the potential of this technology is Botto, an AI algorithm whose first collection of 6 NFTs was sold at auction for $1.3 million on SuperRare. The images were based on artwork from famous painters such as Van Gogh and Monet. The machine learning system works by analyzing sentences or strings of words against a database that contains alternative pieces of art before it generates its creation.

With such an NFT artwork generator, people are now able to craft entire collections using a few keywords, with the result being abstract and unique pieces of art after they are minted as an NFT.

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How to Create an NFT Collection using an NFT-Generator

Digital assets created using NFT generator software are known as AI-generated NFTs. General Adversarial Networks (GANs) use machine learning techniques to create illustrations, images, and video graphics that are unique to each formula. NFT generator software goes through a lot of training to create unique visuals, just the same way an artist practices for many years.

Unlike regular images, NFTs generated with NFT-generator software offer exclusive ownership due to their one-of-a-kind composition. Thus, unlike ordinary photographs that can be bought online, you can’t find NFTs created with NFT generator software anywhere else, which makes them unique pieces of art.

How Does NFT Generator Software Work?

Understanding how NFT-generator software work is good for creating unique artwork. NFT generators use advanced algorithms that analyze many pieces of art, running up to thousands, creating original visuals that act as distinct interpretations of the images or text that are fed into the application.

The process allows users to create abstract pieces of art that have never been seen. Once minted on an NFT marketplace such as OpenSea, the one-of-a-kind creations can be sold or exchanged with other buyers, and they will be guaranteed that their works will not be replicated. Thus, with an NFT generator, anyone can create a unique piece of digital art with ease.

Steps to create Animated NFT for Free

Here are simplified steps to create a generative NFT collection using Bueno:

Step 1: Prepare your art using Figma or Photoshop. Organize components like eyes, mouths, etc. Run the Export Layers to Files Fast plugin in Photoshop to save layers in folders.

Step 2: Open Bueno NFT Generator and connect your wallet, either MetaMask, Coinbase, or WalletConnect

Step 3: Create a new collection in Bueno. Give it a name and specify the number of tokens. Upload your artwork’s parent folder. This may take a few moments.

Step 4: Arrange your layers correctly using Bueno’s Default template. Reference your original file for the right order. Drag layers to reorder them as needed.

Step 5: Configure rules for components or traits that don’t mix well. Use Bueno’s Rules tab in Settings. You can add, delete, or modify rules as necessary.

Step 6: Preview your collection in the Preview tab. Regenerate tokens if needed. Adjust rules if something looks off. Re-upload any broken layers under the Manage tab.

Step 7: Set rarity for each trait in the Manage tab. Use percentage sliders to control how often certain traits appear.

Step 8: Generate your tokens and metadata in the Generate tab. Download your assets. You might need to make a payment in ETH to complete the process.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your generative NFT collection using Bueno.

Best NFT Generator Apps

The following are some of the best NFT generator software that you can use to create NFTs:


StarryAI NFT Generator App

StarryAI is one of the most creative NFT generator software available in the market today. Its autonomous nature makes it stand out; you don’t have to input any data as it scans images and uses an advanced machine learning algorithm to generate an amazing output.

You can also get full ownership of all your images for either personal or commercial usage. StarryAI is not as powerful as some NFT generator tools out there, but it is making daily improvements and it is giving more amazing results compared to other NFT generators.

However, StarryAI charges a recurring fee, hence, if you are looking for a free NFT generator app, StarryAI may not be the best option for you. If you don’t like their NFT-generator app, they allow you to cancel your subscription and claim your money back.

All in all, it is a powerful AI NFT generator with amazing features and produces amazing results.

Easy AI NFT Generator: NightCafe

NightCafe is an easy-to-use NFT generator that makes creating NFTs a breeze. It comes with algorithms, AI elements, and features from other tools, which make it incredibly powerful. If you desire to get a good way of generating amazing artwork, then consider NightCafe.

The NFT-generator tool doesn’t require you to sign up to get started, you just enter your text prompt, select the style, and click “create.” You can then choose one of the three styles namely ‘NightCafe’, ‘Artistic Portrait’, and ‘Bon Voyage’. However, NightCafe is not a free NFT generator. Each creation will cost you a few credits and you will get 5 free credits each day, with $100 credits costing USD 9.99. You may earn more credits by taking part in the community. All IP rights are transferred to you after creating your art, allowing you to use it for commercial or personal purposes.

Free NFT Generator: Fotor NFT Creator

Fotor NFT Creator takes art generation to the next level. The NFT generator combines machine learning, model method, and your favorite oil painting technique to quickly generate unique NFT art. You simply upload your images, select a favorite effect style and let the app do the rest of the work.

Fotor is also a free NFT generator, doesn’t require signups, supports many blockchain networks, and has a Rarity Builder for extra customization. It’s one of the best free NFT generator apps out there. So, if you desire to showcase your creativity, the Fotor NFT generator is the best app for you.

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HotPot AI

HotPot AI is an NFT generator tool suitable even for those without intentional artistic ability. Its powerful AI system can create an NFT from your words or phrase within minutes.

It has the “What should AI draw?” text box on the home page. You can add any text there and watch the NFT generator do its work.

HotPot AI NFT Generator

They also have a gallery of user-generated artworks to help you get ideas about the types of art people are creating using their tool. It also comes with an AI Spark writer that fosters creativity among aspiring NFT creators.

Both experienced and beginner artists can take advantage of its limitless creative production with an affordable monthly pass, hence, you must experiment with this NFT generator.

Best Free NFT Generator: DALL·E 2

The DALL·E 2 NFT generator creates images and art from a written prompt. It is easy to operate this NFT generator; you simply type the result that you desire and the machine will generate the artwork for you. For each input, you get 4 distinct pictures. The tool produces quality images, guaranteeing you the output that you desire.

The tool has an image-to-image generator that enables you to remove elements from an image and replace them with something else. You can also enlarge the backgrounds and create different versions of one image.

The NFT Maker free generator gives users free credits each month. One request, which can be an edit request, text prompt, or variation request consumes one credit. You are given 50 credits for the first month and 15 credits monthly thereafter. However, the credits don’t carry over to the next month. This makes it a good NFT generator for those looking for a free NFT generator.

With DALL·E 2, you have ownership rights over both your inputs and outputs, provided you comply with their terms. However, you must state that the images are generated using AI clearly and understandably.

AutoMinter NFT Generator

AutoMinter is a good NFT-generator for those intending to create and launch their unique NFT collection. It is a user-friendly tool with the features that many artists, innovators, and communities desire to get. Examples of such features include configurable rarities, metadata, and qualities. The NFT generator also allows you to embed a mint button on one of the customizable pages that visitors can click to easily and quickly mint an NFT from your website.

There are many benefits of using the AutoMinter NFT generator tool. It is a free NFT generator as you only pay the gas fees and don’t need any coding knowledge to operate. It supports multiple blockchains and offers scalability of up to 10000 outputs. AutoMinter also has an exclusive NFT Airdrop Tool that can boost engagement with your work. Thus, it is one of the best NFT generator apps to consider when launching an NFT collection.

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