What is iNFT?

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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) represent the ownership of digital assets. They run on the blockchain, the same technology that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. An NFT cannot be replaced with another NFT. Each NFT is unique and represents assets such as art, music, and videos.

The hype about NFTs is increasing every day. Celebrities have also entered the NFT market. Fans can now buy images and videos of their favorite celebrities from NFT marketplaces.

One of the greatest aspects of NFTs is programmability, particularly programmable intelligence (AI). This has led to the birth of iNFT (Intelligent NFT). So, what is iNFT?

An iNFT is an intelligent NFT, meaning that it’s a combination of two technologies, that is, NFT and AI. The iNFT is not only intelligent but comes with animation and interactive features crafted as prompts.

Alethea AI, an AI developer company, has collaborated with Robert Alice, a London-based artist, to create the first iNFT. Together, they have created a virtual being named Alice through artificial intelligence. The virtual being can have conversations with people. This is a good example of how to use the NFT and AI together.

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AI NFT agents are self-learning. They can accrue knowledge and unlock new intelligence available to the creator, owner, and the network.

How to use AI to Create NFT

It is possible to earn iNFT crypto from iNFT. You can create your iNFT on an iNFT platform such as alethea.ai (Noah’s Ark). You can train the iNFT to upgrade it to contribute to the Ark’s Engine. Mining iNFT can earn you some tokens.

iNFTs use AI to bring unique digital assets to life. iNFTs give life to unique digital assets by the use of AI. An iNFT identifies an NFT to humans using these parts:

  • Body- This is the ERC-721 token that shows an avatar or image, the underlying NFT.
  • Soul- An iNFT is made intelligent by a “personality pod” with different levels of intelligence.
  • Mind- As the personality (soul) of the iNFT matures in terms of intelligence level, its mind gains the capability to perform higher-order functions provided on the network.

You can create iNFTs without requiring permissions using the iNFT protocol. The protocol is simply a set of smart contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain.

Close-ended chatbots are coded to respond to user questions with generic answers. This is not the case with iNFTs as they rely on large language models to come up with temporally consistent and truly open-ended AI-generated personalities.

Alethea AI uses the GPT-3 technology of OpenAI and embeds the AI dataset’s hash on-chain. This provides a way to generate verifiably decentralized AI-generated personalities using an ERC-721 asset known as a “personality pod.”  

The personality pod consists of on-chain personality traits such as voice, intelligence level, and psyche that determine the overall personality of the iNFT as well as its intelligence.

The personality pods are designed to facilitate the training of the iNFTs using nature and nurture. The AI NFT developers can nurture their creations using the traits of a personality pod, and then the iNFT will evolve depending on the nature of that personality. For example, if an iNFT has been programmed using a narcissistic disposition, it will most probably evolve towards being a narcissist. The interactions between the iNFT and users will shape the iNFT’s personality outputs.

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The personality pod is compatible with any NFT to give it intelligence. The fusion process involves locking the personality pod in the iNFT protocol’s smart contracts. The NFT remains unchanged.

The personality pod brings a “soul” of a unique, intelligent, and decentralized digital being. The iNFT protocol acts as an immutable registry of the fusions done between personality pods and NFTs. The moment an NFT becomes fused with a personality pod, it becomes an iNFT.

Currently, it is impossible to reverse the fusion between an NFT and a personality pod, but the iNFT protocol is meant to allow this if the network participants decide to do so through voting.

The Alethea ecosystem comes with a native iNFT coin named ALI. The iNFT crypto powers Noah’s Ark and its amount determine how intelligent an iNFT becomes. The iNFT token was meant to incentivize, regulate, and reward those using the iNFT protocol.

The ALI iNFT coin facilitates the creation of intelligent NFTs. For a user to create an iNFT from their NFT, they are required to first lock a minimum amount of the tokens in the protocol. The number of tokens an owner locks will determine the level of intelligence of the iNFT. A higher amount of the iNFT token means a more intelligent iNFT and vice versa. The iNFT owner can evolve the intelligence level of their iNFT by locking more tokens.

By darnell
August 1, 2022