Unlocking the Beats: Exploring Tory Lanez NFTs and Music on the Blockchain

Exploring Tory Lanez NFT (image-E-NFT)

Tory Lanez, the famous rapper and NFT enthusiast launched his new album titled “When It’s Dark” as an NFT named Tory Lanez NFT in August 2021. The “How to buy Tory Lanez NFT” query is blowing up on the Google search engine as fans look for a second chance to buy the Tory Lanez NFT album. In this article, we will discuss the Tory Lanez NFT in detail and how to buy the Tory Lanez NFT album.

What is Tory Lanez NFT?

Tory Lanez NFT is a non-fungible token that represents the famous rapper’s album as a digital asset on the blockchain, ensuring that it cannot be copied, subdivided, or substituted. Each token represents digital ownership of the album using the blockchain and smart contracts. Note that the NFT Tory Lanez is the first-ever music-streaming NFT.

The rapper released the NFT album on August 10, 2021. One million copies were released to the public, and they were sold out in less than 60 seconds. Many were frustrated because they didn’t get the opportunity to land their hands on the album dubbed “the first-ever music streaming NFT.”

Tory Lanez’s Career

The 28-year-old rapper, named Daystar Peterson, is a Canadian rapper singer-songwriter, and music video director.

Tory Lanez (image- E-NFT)

Lanez launched his first mixtape in 2009, and then he released several other mixtapes, including Chixtape, before leaving the label to become an independent artist. He released more songs and mixtapes in early 2010, making him very popular. During his first tour, the Lost Cause Tour in 2014, he ghostwrote songs for Akon, Travis Scott, T.I. August Alsina, and others. Lanez was the first rapper to sell his album as an NFT. In August 2021, he chose to sell 1 million copies, each for $1. All the 1 million copies were sold out in 57 seconds, setting a record.

Whether it’s by becoming king of music samples or collaborating with other rappers, Tory Lanez has always hit the headlines. The singer-rapper has made a name for himself in the music industry over the last few years.

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The singer released “Say It” as his first single from his debut album in 2015. The song became a huge hit, taking position 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album also featured other songs, and the singer performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He released the Je t’ai Dit album in 2016, and it was ranked at No. 4 on Billboard 200. The second single in the album, “Luv,” is his highest single on the Billboard Hot 100 #19. By this time, he had already earned himself a reputation for sampling classic songs from different times in the history of music.

In 2018, Lanez released two albums, Love Me Now and These Were Memories Don’t Die. Celebrity Net Worth reported that Lanez had amassed a net worth of $4 million from his success in the music industry. On August 12, 2021, he sold millions of copies of his NFT album titled “When it’s Dark.”

Currently, he gets over 18 million Spotify listeners every month. He has also accumulated over 2 billion YouTube views. The goal of the musician is to reach corporate mogul status through food, tech, music, and fashion.

Where to Buy Tory Lanez NFT

The best place to buy the Tory Lanez NFT is on the E-NFT marketplace, the platform where it was initially launched. The platform provides you with different ways to pay for the NFT Tory Lanez. These include credit cards, debit cards, ACH, bank wire, or cryptocurrency. However, you must first create an account on the platform to buy Tory Lanez NFT.

You will also be required to have an NFT wallet. ETH is the most common way of paying for NFTs. So, if you need to pay for the Tory Lanez NFT album with ETH, you must have some ETH in your wallet. Note that when buying an NFT with ETH, you will be charged gas fees and transaction fees. The amount of gas fees charged will depend on the level of traffic on the Ethereum network.

How to Buy Tory Lanez NFT

The following are the steps on how to buy the Tory Lanez NFT album:

Step 1: Visit E-NFT.com on your web browser. Click the REGISTER button on the top-right corner to create an account.

Torry Lanez NFT homepage (image-E-NFT)

Step 2: Provide all the required details to create the account. These include your name, phone number, email address, public display name, and password.

Step 3: The platform will prompt you to confirm your email address. Open your email and click the link sent to you to continue with the registration process.

Step 4: You will be taken to a new page. Scroll down and click the “Download the E-NFT app.”

Step 5: Enter your login credentials.

Step 6: You will receive a code in your email. Copy the code and paste it in the “Authorization Code” field.

Step 7: You will be taken through a guided tutorial. Once done, click “Return to E-NFT.com.”

You will then be ready to purchase the Tory Lanez NFT album. You can browse through the list of Tory Lanez NFTs on sale. Note that the listing on the marketplace features NFTs that were purchased from the first drop. The owners have set their resale price. The marketplace also allows you to sort the NFT listings using various criteria such as the edition number, price, and date of expiry.

Step 8: After finding the Tory Lanez NFT that you would like to buy, click the “Buy It Now” button.

How to buy Tory Lanez NFT (image-E-NFT)

Step 9: It is now time to pay for the NFT. The platform allows you to pay with crypto or a credit card. Choose the option you want to use and follow the prompts to purchase the NFT. After the completion of the transaction, you will find your Tory Lanez NFT in your wallet.

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Should You Invest in Tory Lanez NFT Album?

NFTs are relatively new, and investing in NFTs is confusing for both investors and crypto enthusiasts. However, the NFT community is growing day by day, with more artists, gamers, and other individuals beginning to invest and create their NFTs.

The Tory Lanez NFT derives its value from rarity and originality, and although the price of these NFTs may not be high for now, it doesn’t mean they will remain like that forever. After visiting the E-NFT marketplace, you will realize that the current price of the Tory Lanez NFTs ranges somewhere between $1 and $60,000. If you visit the OpenSea NFT marketplace, you will find that the collection has a floor price of about 0.14 ETH, with a trading volume of about 98 ETH. It is hard to make a prognosis of the price of an NFT because it depends on demand and the community’s trust in the project.

Since the artist behind the Tory Lanez NFT is active in the NFT space and very involved in the community, you have no reason to doubt the project’s community. What makes this project valuable and possibly lucrative in the future is its rarity and originality. It was the first album to be turned into NFT. Thus, there is a possibility that the Tory Lanez NFT album will one day cost a lot of money.

Thus, this is the right time for you to invest in Tory Lanez NFT.

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September 15, 2023