What Is NEO Tokyo NFT & How to Buy Neo Crypto

What Is NEO Tokyo NFT (image- chaindebrief.com)

As the number of play-to-earn (P2E) games continues to increase, players will need a way to collect, trade, and deploy game assets across various virtual games. These virtual games feature NFT collectibles such as weapons that not only have value within the game but they can also be sold in secondary NFT marketplaces. Neo Tokyo NFT enables users to collect assets from various games, allowing for greater collectability and trading. The NFT collection also provides users with an easy way of trading and deploying their game assets in the Metaverse. In this guide, we discuss the Neo Tokyo NFT in detail and how to buy Neo Crypto.

What is Neo Tokyo NFT?

Neo Tokyo Identities is an NFT collection launched in October 2021. The NFT collection is inspired by a 1987 anime classic of the same name.

Neo Tokyo NFT was designed to meet the future needs of Metaverse gaming, and it comprises 2,018 virtual identities and 2,500 vault cards in its Neo Tokyo Metaverse. Neo Tokyo allows developers to build and make their contribution to the project.

Neo Tokyo NFT was launched without a pre-sales campaign and minting was free.

The goal of the Neo Tokyo NFT project is to create a community that encourages long-term engagement. That is why “Citizens” who desire to enjoy the benefits of Neo Tokyo must pay attention to all notifications. The project’s team has also claimed to create games within games inside the codes to remove non-active holders.

Neo Tokyo NFT has a native token known as Bytes, which can be used for staking and rewards.

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Who Created The Neo Tokyo NFT Ecosystem?

The Neo Tokyo NFT collection was created by Crypto YouTubers Alex Becker and Elliotrades. Their goal was to create a truly community-focused project that encourages a “culture of long-term participation.” The Neo Tokyo NFT project rewards holders who pay attention to announcements and take part in its digital community.

Other than the Neo Tokyo Identities NFT collection, Alex Becker has established many other companies and gaming projects. Market Hero, Source Wave, and Hyros are examples of his marketing startups that generate millions of dollars in revenue. Becker worked with the Air Force before venturing into business.

Neo Tokyo Identities

The Neo Tokyo NFT project brings together token founders, software developers, venture capitalists, and game builders with a strong interest in Metaverse gaming. The project uses a process known as incentivized building in which people are rewarded with Bytes (Neo Tokyo tokens) for contributing to the network, keeping the network growing.

The Neo Tokyo Identities NFT gaming collection has two main categories, that is, inner and outer citizens.

Inner Citizens

Inner Neo Tokyo citizens were the first batch of Neo Tokyo identities and tools to be launched by the company. This category is made up of four main components:

#1: Neo Tokyo Identities

These virtual identities are made up of men and women of different races with different abilities, eyes, and classes that go live on the Neo Tokyo Metaverse. The Neo Tokyo Identities NFTs have unique roles such as bartenders, cooks, drivers, officers, and workers. They have a total of 33 classes. They also have different text colors depending on their rarity.

Initially, users had to answer riddles and pass tests to access the identities. However, not all users who took part in this stage won new identities.

#2: Vault Cards

The Neo Tokyo vault cards are similar to virtual bank cards because they hold information such as players’ credit ratings, supply items, and a share of the game’s wealth. The vaults also hold bytes, the native token of the ecosystem.

Initially, to acquire vault cards, ID holders were required to play a game known as Kong Klimb. This also determined what your vaults will have.

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#3: Item Caches

During the time of release, vault cardholders were required to play another game to unlock the rarity of their item caches. The Neo Tokyo tools caches contain in-game tools such as weapons, clothing, and automobiles. The item caches determine the appearance of citizens.

A Neo Tokyo citizen (image-phemex.com)

#4: Land Deeds

These are virtual land titles spread out across the Neo Tokyo Metaverse. They are owned by different communities. Holders of the first Neo Tokyo NFT tools can claim land deeds for free.

After holders collect all four pieces, they are given Neo Tokyo codes which they can use to claim citizens by uploading codes. Holders with the highly-rated Neo Tokyo codes are given one out of 500 Elite Citizens.

Outer Citizens

Outer Neo Tokyo citizens refer to season 2 of Neo Tokyo NFT. Neo Tokyo Identities were snapped up by eager users only a few minutes after the allowlist details had been posted on Twitter.

The users were required to burn their bytes within an hour to mint an outer identity. Those who burned more tokens got rarer outer identities. Both holders of season 1 and season 2 of Neo Tokyo Identities qualified to contest in a Neo Tokyo crypto game called Meta Tournament.

Neo Tokyo NFT also invests in other gaming projects and grants its users early access to new Metaverse games as part of its plan to grow the Web3 gaming ecosystem. Neo Tokyo bytes holders can also exchange their tokens for access to Metaverse and gaming crypto IDOs.

How to Buy Neo Tokyo Crypto

Investors can buy Neo Tokyo NFTs from secondary NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. At the time of writing, OpenSea data showed that the collection had a floor price of 3.5 ETH.

A Neo Tokyo NFT listing on OpenSea (image-opensea.io)

Users can also purchase Neo Tokyo bytes from crypto exchanges such as CoinGecko. At the time of writing, the token was trading at $5.45 on CoinGecko.

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June 7, 2023