Making the Right Choice: Tips on What NFT Should I Buy

What NFTs Should I Buy?

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NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have been the talk of the town over recent years, especially among those in the crypto industry. NFTs have attracted the attention of many, including popular celebrities, and one of the major questions among most people today is, what NFT should I buy?

There are many NFT collections in the NFT market today and new ones are released continually, hence, finding what NFT to buy can be tricky. With the NFT market showing signs of recovery in 2023, we have compiled a list of the top NFT projects to buy and help you make the right choice on what NFT should I buy in 2023.

What NFT Should I Buy?

The following are the top NFT projects with much upside potential in 2023, hence, they feature in our list of what NFTs should I buy:

#1: Meta Masters Guild

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The Meta Masters Guild (MMG) NFT project is revolutionizing the gaming industry by enabling players to make real money through its web 3.0 games. It will enable players to integrate playable NFTs via its digital marketplace to enhance the gaming experience.

Recently, the platform launched the third presale stage, attracting great user interest. The presale generated over $1.2 million USDT within just a few days.

MMG creates a platform that brings players and game developers together in a coherent way. Developers will have access to an easy way of creating affordable and mobile-friendly fun games, while gamers will have a say in the types of games that are developed. Thus, it is a good NFT project for those seeking to answer the question of what NFT should I buy.

MMG has also made its platform simpler to eliminate the technical barriers associated with web 3.0 technologies.

Currently, investors can purchase $MEMAG tokens for only $0.013 USDT each. However, the price of the tokens will rise to $0.016 USDT in the next phase.

MMG is also planning to collaborate with other gaming projects and expand its impact and reach within the gaming industry. It has great potential and you add it to the list of what NFT should I buy this year.

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#2: Fight Out

The goal of this NFT project is to change the way we achieve our health objectives, hence, it features in our list of what NFT should I buy in 2023.

The platform lets users create custom NFT avatars reflecting their real-world fitness progress.

The project has already attracted a good number of investors, generating $3.3 million in its pre-sale phase.

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Its value is expected to rise to $0.033 USDT per token after its CEX listing on April 5th. Thus, if your question is what NFT to buy, this is a good one considering the fact it is currently being sold at a discounted price of $0.0167 USDT.

Fight Out offers its users a one-of-a-kind feature: personalized NFT avatars known as “Soulbound Avatars.” The avatars are connected to the real-world fitness data of the user visually representing the progress of the user. Thus, Fight Out should not miss out on your list of what NFTs should I buy in 2023.

#3: RobotEra

RobotEra is one of the best answers to what NFT should I buy in 2023. It is a play-to-earn NFT project that enables players to buy and build metaverse land and unique robot NFT avatars using custom in-game tools.

Players can earn money from this game by creating and selling NFTs, but this requires the ownership of $TARO, the native token of the game. The token has already launched the first stage of its presale.

RobotEra was created to serve as a better alternative to The Sandbox by helping users to create unique robot NFT avatars as companions and create their metaverse land plots.

Gamers can create robot components and design a unique robot that can be sold on exchanges as an NFT.

RobotEra has a wide variety of in-game rewards. Players earn rewards by selling NFTs, cultivating sacred trees, and staking $TARO tokens. All these ways help to reconstruct the Taro planet.

The game’s whitepaper states that one must hold $TARO tokens to enjoy the benefits. The coin was valued at $0.02 in its first presale, but subsequent stages increase the value of the coin. You should add the NFT project to your list of what NFT should I buy in 2023.

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#4: C+Charge

C+Charge comes fourth in our list of what NFT should I buy. It is a green cryptocurrency project that features carbon credit NFTs given to electric vehicle owners for charging their vehicles in C+Charge-partnered charging stations. It is a good project to add to your list of what NFT should I buy this year.

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The core of this project is the C+Charge app, a P2P system that uses CCHG, its native crypto token, to pay for charging vehicles. The major goal of the app is to remove the challenges of electrical vehicles and make it more transparent, regulated, and rewarding to own electric vehicles.

With the app, users will be able to find charging costs and charging stations within their areas without any challenges. Station owners will be able to use the app to run diagnostics and troubleshoot software-related issues. The P2P payment system of the project will make charging of the electrical vehicles uniform. This will allow users to charge their vehicles at any station without having to worry about payment methods. The NFT project has great potential and should be part of what NFT should I buy this year.

#5: Calvaria

Calvaria is a new battle-card strategy game that intends to build a game to attract mass adoption of casual and traditional gamers to the blockchain. It has a unique approach to gaming, hence, it had to feature in our list of what NFT should I buy.

In its Duels of Eternity game, players stack their decks and use their skill, knowledge, and power-ups to win player vs player matches.

Players will own NFT cards which can be sold, bought, and upgraded on a marketplace.

Calvaria comes with several features that put it ahead of its rivals in the same genre, making it a project worth adding to your list of what NFTs to buy in 2023. The game comes in full 3D and has a full single-player story mode in which players can earn cards that can be used in other game modes.

The game developers have identified two major challenges facing Web3 gaming and preventing its mass adoption and plan to solve those challenges via its flagship game Duels of Eternity. The game will come with both Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Free-to-Play features (F2P). Such benefits mean that most NFT game lovers will add it to their list of what NFT to buy in 2023.

#6: Lucky Block NFTs

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Lucky Block is a collection of 10,000 NFTs providing value to their holders and it’s a good collection for those looking to invest in NFTs. Its native token also has unique tokenomics and an innovative use case, making it one of the best altcoins to buy in 2023.

Each Lucky Block NFT acts as a ticket to the Lucky Block’s daily NFT draws, and this runs separately from the crypto-lottery draws of the platform. There will be a jackpot winner every day, and this will account for 2% of the major jackpot draw. Considering Lucky Block’s user base and ticket volume projects, the NFT jackpot draw will be $10,000 on average.

Other than the NFT aspect of the Lucky Block platform, users will participate in daily prize draws via LuckyBlock’s app. They can buy entry ticks for $5 using LBLOCK, the native token of the ecosystem, with one user winning the jackpot daily. The jackpot winners will be chosen randomly via the Chainlink VRF service, with the prize being $2.2 million at the moment.

This means that Lucky Block users will have two chances to win a jackpot each day, one via the exclusive NFT draw and another one via Lucky Block’s main prize draws. Lucky Block NFT holders who link their wallets to the platform will get a free entry ticket daily. With the many benefits associated with this NFT project, it is worth adding it to the list of what NFT should I buy this year.

#7: Tamadoge

Tamadoge is the next hot pick in our list of what NFT should I buy in 2023. It is a play-to-earn (P2E) cryptocurrency project in which NFTs are used to take part in the virtual ecosystem.

Tamadoge (TAMA) is the native token of the Tamaverse, a platform where players earn multiple rewards. The main feature of the P2E platform is the Tamadoge pets, which are dog avatars that can be bought, bred, and traded on the Tamaverse.

Users mint the Tamadoge pets as unique NFTs via the smart contract technology. You can purchase the NFTs from the Tamadoge store using native crypto tokens. The NFTs have real use cases within the ecosystems, so they should be part of what NFT should I buy in 2023.

What NFT to buy- Conclusion

If you are looking for what NFT should I buy in 2023, the above are some of the best options that you have today. With the NFT market showing signs of recovery in 2023, the projects have a high chance of recording a spike in value due to their utilities, and their holders will find them beneficial assets.

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