Kitaro world NFT Price and Sales data

The current floor price of Kitaro World NFT is 0.28 ETH. This is according to data obtained from OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace by the number of items listed for sale.


There are 3,125 Kitaro World NFT owners, 40% of the NFT project has a total volume of 3,385, with 17% of the NFTs being listed. The best offer price for the NFTs is 0.253 ETH.

What is Kitaro World?

Kitaro World is a collection of 7,777 NFTs that were minted on Sep 27, 2022, for 0.007 SOL. The project is based on a story about an ancient creature that was discovered in Tokyo, Japan in 1600 B.C.


Kitaro utilizes both web2 and web3 technologies, bridging the gap between the two. However, the project’s core is based on web2. Thus, Kitaro is web2-centric but it adopts the principles and technology of web3.

Web3 is under development but there is a standard blueprint available for use by people. The project’s goal is to create a real story and product that lives within Web2 but has all the important stuff about Web3. Tangible products will be released in parallel, but they will have Web3 utilities like earning royalties through item sales and more.

The NFT project comes with a town store with a collection of the hidden games of the Kitaro world. The various parts of the store become accessible through different program activations. There is a lot of magic in the game, making it difficult for anyone to predict what will happen next.

The project aims to release tangible products in parallel, while offering web3 utilities tethered to these products, like the ability to earn royalties continuously by selling items.

The Kitaro World NFT is a suitable investment opportunity for people with different demographics. It is also good for those seeking to enjoy both web2 and web3 worlds and have a new experience.

In the initial release, Kitaro will release books about the community and give the NFT holders chance to participate in the storytelling process. They will be able to earn royalties by doing so. This will give the holders a platform to grow and expand their branding endeavors using the granted IP rights.

Once the NFT collection is launched, Kitaro World will only need to sell 10% of its NFTs to launch its first milestone activation.  It has an arbitrary supply because the holders will be allowed to take part in the Community Partnership Program (CPP). The CPP allows NFT holders to earn royalties by licensing their characters to Kitaro.

Kitaro World also has both community-based licensing and individual-based licensing approaches.  Community-based licensing means that rewards will not go to the sole licensee, but the funding will be awarded to the entire community, which will in turn be used for community-led activations. Individual-based licensing means that the participant will be the beneficiary of the activation. This means that the rewards will be divided by the number of participants.

By darnell
October 17, 2022