What is Kitaro World?

Source: www.kitaro.world

Kitaro is an NFT project that comprises 7,777 NFTs that were minted on Sep 27, 2022, for 0.007 SOL. The NFT project is based on a story about an Ancient creature that was discovered in Tokyo, Japan in 1600 B.C.  

It was a “normal” night at the imperial palace when Emperor Kitarohiro began to experience alternate realities while resting. The visions that Kitarohiro experienced became known as dreams. Days later, the Emperor interpreted a recurring dream of a mountain-sized creature that visited him constantly.

One strange evening, Kitarohiro became conscious during his visions and followed the creature as it disappeared into the darkness.

To his surprise, the Emperor saw a beautiful, enchanted forest. As he followed the creature in astonishment, they arrived at a glowing tree and realized that he has been eating from the tree this entire time.

Kitarohiro began to come back to his body, but the creature left him with this wisdom:

“Eat from this tree for you will find your ancestors and discover a multiverse of infinite possibilities.”

Is Kitaro World Based on Web2 or Web3?

The Kitaro World NFT project bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3, but the core of the project is based on Web2. This means that Kitaro is Web2-centric but adapts to the technology and principles of Web3.

So, what does that mean?

The backgrounds of the project are primarily Web2 and that is their niche. Most Web3 projects work backward, in that they create a Web3 solution and build a Web2 product.

The Kitaro World NFT project is real-world first and Metaverse second. Web3 is still under development, but there is a standard blueprint used by most people. The Kitaro World development team has chosen to follow a different path.

The project’s goal is to create a real story and product that lives within Web2 but has all the important stuff about Web3. Tangible products will be released in parallel, but they will have Web3 utilities like earning royalties through item sales and more.

How the Kitaro Project Works

Source: www.kitaro.world

Kitaro World comes with a town store where you can find the hidden games of the Kitaro world. These include toy figurines, books, plushies, and ice cream. Different parts of the store are made accessible through different program activations.

The Kitaro World NFT is a playground for all demographics. It seeks to bring together those looking to cross the Web2 and Web3 worlds and experience a forest like never before.

In its initial release, Kitaro World will release books about the community and allow the NFT holders to take part in the storytelling process and have an opportunity to earn royalties in the process. This will give the holders a platform to grow and expand their branding endeavors using the granted IP rights.

After launching its NFT collection, Kitaro only needs to sell 10% of it to kickstart the first milestone activation. It has an arbitrary supply because the holders will be qualified to take part in the Community Partnership Program (CPP). The CPP helps the holders to earn royalties when they license their character to Kitaro.

By darnell
October 10, 2022