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The Aptos blockchain is increasingly becoming popular as an alternative to the Ethereum blockchain for minting NFTs. The Aptos blockchain was designed with safety, scalability, reliability, and upgradeability in mind. Hence, acquiring an Aptos NFT is one of the best investment decisions today. In this article, we discuss the Aptos drops calendar and some of the Aptos NFT drops that you can catch today.

What is Aptos?

Aptos is a layer 1 blockchain built for safe development and designed with a focus on user experience. With a combination of safety, scalability, performance, upgradeability, and user experience, the Aptos blockchain with its Move programming language empowers developers to create Web3 applications capable of solving today’s consumer needs on a network that can evolve for anything to come.

Aptos has a strong focus on the performance of the user. The Aptos team has made Layer 1 to enhance the user experience and promote scalability for the masses.

The move programming language was designed for smart contracts, and it enables developers to create applications swiftly and securely. Developed, tested, and proven over years of research, Move is uniquely complemented by the safety, flexibility, and performance of the Aptos blockchain, making Aptos the best place to deploy Move-based applications.

Aptos NFTs offer a level of ownership and authenticity not offered by traditional digital assets. Aptos NFT drops allow you to buy unique and verifiable digital assets that cannot be replicated or counterfeited.

Aptos Drops Calendar

The following are the Aptos NFT drops that you can catch on the Aptos drops calendar:



APTONAUTS is an Aptos NFT project that comprises 2,222 interchain explorers on an ongoing mission to chart the farthest corners of the blockchain multiverse. The project is powered by Topaz, and you can grab an item on their platform. You will be required to connect your NFT wallet to make a purchase.

#2: Flying Fish

Flying Fish is another Aptos drops calendar event not to miss. The goal of the project is to develop play-to-earn games for its NFT holders and have cool utilities for its community. The project is now looking for fish lovers to enjoy NFTs together.

#3: QRRQ

QRRQ is a free mint NFT collection on the Aptos blockchain. The goal of the project is to have a QR code with a random quote. You can use the QR code as a gift to your friend or a chance quote that you can store in your wallet and trade it later. The collection comprises 1024 unique NFTs stored on the Aptos blockchain. Each NFT is a QR code with a random quote. But why is it called “QR RQ”? QR stands for “Quick Response” while RQ stands for “Random Quote.”

You can grab yourself an item from this NFTs calendar event here.

#4: ALLinONE

This is another important NFT drop in the NFTs calendar. ALLinONE is a unique NFT project running on the Aptos blockchain. It is a social platform in the form of a Kickstarter. You can register your profile the same way you register on Twitter, and choose whether you are a developer, blogger, marketer, influencer, or a project development company. You can use the platform to search for information about a project and analyze it. You can have a look at their NFT’s unique sneak picks. Beautiful eyes. The project has an unlimited prize pool up for grabs.

#5: Digital Game

Digital Game is offering an exclusive, unique, free-of-charge NFT collection. The aesthetic and creativity behind the project make this Aptos Drops calendar worth taking the time to look at. You can also compensate a lot of utilities and developments from it. Not forgetting that it’s a free collection. Each holder of the early collection will be given a sneak-peak of the second collection of NFTs. The project will also create a secret channel just for the exclusive announcements for the early holders. Some of the privileges for the game players include staking, development, and character growth.

#6: Beep Boop

Beep Boop, an Aptos NFT drop in the Aptos drops calendar (

Beep Boop is a unique NFT collection minted on the Aptos blockchain. The collection is inspired by the world of service bots and aims to offer a fun and engaging experience. The collection has a total of 1111 unique digital items. It is a good project if you are looking for a free Aptos NFT drop in the Aptos drops calendar.

#7: Mizadick

Mizadick is a Web3 project launching exclusively on Solana and Aptos. The project has a total of 5555 unique digital items. The project aims to use innovative tech and unique art to explore the limit of NFTs and create an open ecosystem to onboard more users and builders to Aptos and Solana.

The project is a collaboration between Mizani NFT and Dick Arts Club. The project will create a solid core community and Alpha Member Group with the MizakiDicks holders, who will enjoy many benefits in the future. This will work as follows: When you purchase the MizakiDick NFT collectible, it will serve as a membership card that grants specific benefits as a holder. You can get yourself a unique digital item from this Aptos drops calendar event here.

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June 30, 2023