World Cup 2022 NFTs: FIFA, Budweiser, and others launch soccer-themed digital collections ahead of Qatar 2022


Qatar 2022 will provide a new way of experiencing the FIFA World Cup, with the fans being able to experience iconic moments and even own them.

FIFA, Visa, and Budweiser are some of the companies that have launched new NFTs ahead of the tournament which is set to start this week.

The NFT hype is sweeping through the game, with clubs and players providing many opportunities to buy collectibles of their image and history. The popularity of blockchain technology in soccer continues to rise sharply, with more teams betting on NFTs to give their fans a new experience.

FIFA+ Collect World Cup 2022 NFTs

FIFA+ Collect is the new NFT platform of the governing body, which has partnered with Algorand to launch for the upcoming tournament.

The NFT platform has NFTs from the men’s world cup and the equivalent women’s competition, including art, memorable moments, and imagery.

FIFA’s “Genesis Drop” is leading, after releasing 532,980 packs with iconic moments from the previous tournaments, ranging in rarity. This has been followed by two more releases.

Examples of the iconic moments that have been featured include Brazil star Ronaldo’s winning goal in 2002 and Kylian Mbappe’s strike when France beat Argentina in 2018.

Exclusive content and limited edition are expected to follow, and these will be released on FIFA+, a platform that will provide original content and live matches.

Romy Gai, FIFA’s Chief Business Officer states that the scheme will “democratize the ability to own part of the World Cup.”

Budverse X World Cup 2022 NFTs

FIFA has also partnered with Budweiser, a beer giant, to create a new set of live NFTs.

Live Scoreboard NFTs will give the holders an animated scoreboard, which features their chosen nation, and this will update throughout Qatar 2022 games.

The collaboration with Budverse is most likely to be an early example of live NFTs that feature updating statistics.

Budweisers are buyers with extra real-world merchandise alongside their digital collectibles, offering a trading card, a color-changing aluminum cup, and a scarf.

Other NFTs in the World Cup

Visa has also jumped into the NFT hype, having run an auction to help the U.K charity Street Child United.

Five collectibles that represent historic World Cup goals by Michael Owen, Jared Borgetti, Carli Lloyd, Tim Cahill, and Maxi Rodriguez were created and sold to the highest bidders during the auction.

So, how much do the World Cup NFTs cost?

The FIFA’s Collect platform is selling packs from $4.99, while collections that have been marked as “iconic” on their trading marketplaces are being sold for as much as $3,200.

The Budverse X World Cup partnership is a bit costly, with each Live Scoreboard NFT being sold for $100.

By darnell
November 14, 2022