Renga Price Floor is Up by Over 10%- Was it Expected?

Image: DirtyRobot

Renga is one of the most popular NFT projects running on the Ethereum blockchain today. It is categorized as a profile picture (PFP) NFT project. The price floor of the collection has risen by 11.72% in the last 24 hours, hitting 1.083 ETH. This is according to data obtained from NFT Price Floor.


Renga has made 84 sales in the last 24 hours and it has a trading volume of 110.40 ETH.

The Renga NFT collection has a 7D average sale price of 1.3149 ETH and a 7D highest sale price of 9.00 ETH. Renga has a 7D lowest sale price of 0.611 ETH. It is currently ranked #65 in terms of the NFT price floor with a floor cap of 7,764 ETH.

The Renga Signal had been identified

The Renga signal had been identified by NFT Signals, an NFT trading signal system developed by Traders who traded in the direction of the signal have netted a healthy profit. They provide a minimum of 5 signals a week for long and short NFT trading positionsClick here to subscribe and start receiving NFT trading signals now. The platform users have so far earned a total group profit of over $270K.

About Renga NFT Collection

Renga is a collection of 10,000 handcrafted characters created by the artist DirtyRobot, who is also called Daniel Isles. DirtyRobot is based in Japan and he started his journey in making comics when aged 9 years. Having worked with ink and paper for 20+ years, DirtyRobot has transferred his experience into Renga as his lifework.

Renga is an art, the art of storytelling. The goal of the project was to create an NFT project with a Japanese comic style, storyline, and comic series. They hope that everybody will be part of the story in the future. They also use comic styles on all their Twitter and official websites.

The Renga Black Box

The Renga collection is currently made up of Black Boxes airdropped at the start of summer in June 2022 to the holders of The Art of Seasons NFTs. The NFTs had been minted back in March at 0.08 ETH.

The collections are the works of DirtyRobot and RENGA Factory.

The black boxes are simply blank canvases capable of revealing any Renga character. Every holder of a black box will be allowed to open their box (burn) and reveal a character (mint) from the RENGA universe through a burn-to-mint mechanism.

There will be a total supply of 10,000 RENGA Black Boxes. The supply of the boxes will decrease as they are burned, and the supply of the RENGA NFTs will increase. The RENGA characters will have a maximum supply of 10,000, but their number will depend on the number of RENGA Black Boxes that are opened or burned.

The boxes will be the portal for your RENGA character to enter the universe. With time, your character will become the key to everything in RENGA.

By darnell
December 1, 2022