NFTs Driving Change: Cardano-based Marketplace DropSpot Supporting Female Creators and The Malala Fund

DropSpot Supporting Female Creators and the Malala Fund

Dropspot is a new curated NFT art and culture marketplace built on the Cardano blockchain. Dropspot focuses on 1:1 NFTs and claims to give artists “artistic sovereignty,” meaning that artists will have complete control over their work. Dropspot also offers a Creator Launchpad to enable creators to mint and sell NFTs globally. However, this is currently an invite-only feature.

Laura Richardson, Co-owner, Director of Curation, Community & Comms at Dropspot, states that Dropspot comprises a team with a wealth of experience. For example, Richardson has 20+ years of experience in the creative industry. Some of her past clientele include Facebook, Soho House, Google, and Conde Nast.

While describing the new NFT marketplace, Richardson stated, “we simply can no longer rest on the laurels of ‘build it and they will come’—those days are over. People desire and deserve meaning and one of my greatest passions (and gifts) is creating narratives that have community at the core. Dropspot is the platform I use to bring togetherness back into our lives.”

#NFTLikeAQueen is Spotlighting Female NFT Creators

Dropspot launched the #NFTLikeAQueen campaign on March 8 in celebration of International Women’s Day. The campaign was launched in partnership with Cardano women and the Genius X Accelerator program and it spotlights some of the top as well as emerging female NFT creators across the globe. Some of the artists participating in the campaign are Emily Carrig, Kika Nicolela, Alice Labrouel, Haze Long, Tina Touli, and Anna Dora.

All Dropspot commissions from NFT sales will be redirected to the Malala Fund, an education champion network that supports the work of educators and advocates and helps bolster girls’ secondary education around the world. The funds will support young girls in developing nations to access higher education.

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DropSpot Supporting Female Creators and the Malala Fund

“I came from a traditional fine art background and was disillusioned by the elitism of the art world,” said Emily Carrig, one of the participating artists. “I found the NFT space to be refreshing because it encourages collaboration, community, and co-creation. My goal is to help other women and emerging creators enter the space and navigate the challenges that I went through.”

Echoing this, Haze Long, another participating artist, said, “One of my primary goals in this space is to make more connections with women and to uplift them. My art was discovered and made popular by women. I’d like to return the favor.”

Hopefully, more female artists and women-led companies such as Dropspot will emerge soon.

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By darnell
March 23, 2023