NFT Signals Announces Partnership with Planetary Stations Crew

NFT Signals has established itself as an NFT trading signals service. So far, it has delivered more than $50 million in total group profit to its users. NFT Signals has partnered with Planetary Stations Crew, creating a deeper relationship between the two projects and bringing many benefits to their users.

So, what should NFT collectors expect from this partnership? Let’s find out.

What is NFT Signals?


NFT Signals is a group that provides support and advice to NFT traders, helping them to reap maximum benefits out of speculations in the NFT market.

The NFT Signals platform provides its users with access to about 100 algorithmically generated trading signals every month. The signals keep users updated on the latest profitable NFT trading opportunities in the market. By actively trading these signals, the users increase their chances of making a profit.

The NFT Signals algorithm keeps on scanning the NFT market continuously to identify opportunities. The algorithm also has access to different whitelists. The algorithm generates accurate predictions from the information it gathers and shares them with users to update them on the profitable NFT trading opportunities in the market. Such signals also help the subscribers to assess the market performance.

It’s worth noting that the NFT Signals algorithm doesn’t execute trades automatically. The users receive the signals, and it’s up to them to decide whether to put them into practical use or not.

NFT Signals saves users the time and effort needed to find the right NFT collection to invest in according to their budget, strategy, and quality of NFT. The trading signals are obtained by combining various technical analysis techniques and trading approaches.

To get started with NFT Signals, you only need to join their free Telegram channel here and start getting profitable NFT trading signals.

Although NFT Signals has a free Telegram group that anyone can join, they also sell access to information about NFT market predictions. They provide at least 5 tips each week and advice users on whether to enter short or long trades.

What is Planetary Stations Crew?


Planetary Stations Crew is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that run on the Solana blockchain. The whole NFT collection will be minted for free. The NFT collection marks the next step in the Planetary Stations series. Each item in the collection was created using the advanced generation system provided by SideFX Houdini. Each item in the NFT collection is also unique.

The space suits are different from each other. This is achieved by randomly placing the colored elements. Every part of the suit is also created from scratch. The background of the spacesuit shows the planets. There are a total of 18 planets, asteroids, and moons in the solar system. The space suit armor does not protect some of the body parts.

What to Expect from the Partnership

NFT Signals announced its partnership with Planetary Stations Crew on September 08 via its official Twitter handle.

The tweet read, “We are excited to announce our partnership with @odinwall_nft – a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Solana blockchain created using SideFX Houdini’s advanced generation system. Follow them on @odinwall_nft to learn more about their project!”

The partnership means that NFT collectors will have access to all the 10,000 Planetary Stations Crew NFTs. The pre-sale is currently live and the partnership will give users access to free minting. The NFT Signals x Planetary Stations Crew partnership also gives users access to 20 Whitelist Spots and 5 NFTs for a giveaway.

Both parties are expected to grow their user bases from this partnership. The Planetary Stations Crew NFTs are very promising and present a viable investment opportunity for NFT investors. NFT Signal users will develop an interest in the project and buy the NFTs. Thus, Planetary Stations Crew will grow its user base from the partnership.

Planetary Stations Crew users will also develop an interest in NFT Signals.  The platform provides safe and profitable NFT trading signals to its users. It also helps users choose and invest in NFT projects that are most likely to bring profits from the NFT market. They will join the platform and NFT Signals will grow its user base.

By darnell
September 20, 2022