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Where the money goes, hype and investors follow. That’s exactly why we were all expecting the Michael Jordan NFT venture to come long before it actually did. But now that it’s here, did it live up to the standards we had in our heads? And will the Jordan craze help push the NFT hype further? Well, you gotta read on to find out what’s going down on the GOAT level. But if you’re still not sure of your knowledge, make sure to check out NFT terms you’ll definitely come across. In December 2021, Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey Jordan launched HEIR Inc, a platform based on Solana. Their goal was to connect passionate fans with their favourite athletes and create a new era of digital culture. Recently, HEIR Inc entered the metaverse and released its first NFT collection called ‘6 Rings’ on March 3, 2022.

The ‘6 Rings’ Collection: A Tribute to Jordan’s Championships

The ‘6 Rings’ collection pays heartfelt tribute to Michael Jordan’s remarkable championship victories with the Chicago Bulls. Each NFT represents a significant milestone in Jordan’s career, symbolizing his relentless pursuit of excellence and unprecedented success in basketball. This collection deeply resonates with fans and collectors who admire Jordan’s legendary achievements and aspire to possess a part of his legacy. By encapsulating the essence of these championship wins, the ‘6 Rings’ collection offers fans the opportunity to relive unforgettable moments and celebrate Jordan’s unparalleled greatness both on and off the court.

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The new NFT collection called ‘6 Rings’ is inspired by Michael Jordan’s impressive basketball career and his six championship victories with the Chicago Bulls. By purchasing an NFT from the collection, holders are recognized as ‘founding fans’ and encouraged to actively engage with the platform through sales and investments.

Michael Jordan Nft - nftcrypto.io

HEIR Platform: Where Jordan’s NFT Collections are Hosted

Fans who become ‘founding fans’ gain exclusive access to limited communities called ‘Huddles’ and rare, unreleased content and merchandise. Originally planning to sell 10,010 NFTs, HEIR Inc reduced the supply due to lower-than-expected sales. Each NFT is priced at 2.3 SOL or approximately USD 221, honouring Michael Jordan’s iconic jersey number, 23. The platform generated around USD 1,106,105 in sales by selling 5,005 Solana NFTs.

The names of other prominent athletes joining HEIR Inc have not been disclosed yet by Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey, but they are actively working on expanding collaborations to enhance the experience for their ‘founding fans’ and build a stronger community.

Apart from HEIR Inc, Michael Jordan has also shown interest in the NFT space and Web3 technology. He participated in a significant funding round of USD 46 million for the NFT firm, Metaplex Foundation.

Furthermore, Jordan has invested in a crypto-gaming startup called Mythical Games, which aims to create gaming NFTs that can be traded in the real world. These investments showcase his growing involvement in the NFT and crypto space.

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Future Collaborations and Expanding the Community

Michael Jordan and his son Jeffrey are actively working on collaborations to expand their community and enhance the experience for ‘founding fans’. They aim to bring together notable athletes and enthusiastic fans on the HEIR platform. While specific details are yet to be disclosed, their goal is to create a strong and interconnected community supported by Jordan’s iconic legacy. The focus is on providing exclusive content and opportunities for fans to engage with their favourite athletes, fostering a loyal and tightly-knit community. These efforts aim to enhance the overall experience for fans and strengthen their connection to the HEIR platform.

NFT enthusiasts can now view Michael Jordan’s ‘6 Rings’ collection, which is currently sold out. The collection is officially live and can be accessed on the HEIR platform, mobile app, or Magic Eden.

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Beyond the Michael Jordan NFT Collection – What’s MJ Doing?

Michael Jordan is diversifying his investments and has put his money into ventures such as NBA-backed Top Shot by Dapper Labs, which received $305 million in funding from various investors, including Jordan.

As a savvy investor, Jordan is expected to earn profits from his involvement with Top Shot, as the value of the digital cards increases over time.

Nike’s acquisition of RTFKT Studios in 2021 is another significant development. With the Jordan brand’s association with Nike, it is likely that we can expect Air Jordan NFTs in the future when RTFKT releases a Nike NFT collection.

When the Jordan name is involved, it’s highly probable that MJ will earn substantial royalty income. We’ll have to wait and see how these ventures unfold.

Where to Find Jordan’s NFT Collections

Michael Jordan’s NFT collections are exclusively available on the HEIR platform, which is the official destination for his digital collectables. Fans and collectors can access the HEIR platform through its website or mobile app to explore and acquire Jordan’s NFTs. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to browse the available collections, gain insights into the significance of each NFT, and make purchases.

In addition to the HEIR platform, Jordan’s NFT collections may also be found on other NFT marketplaces like Magic Eden. These marketplaces provide opportunities for users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets, including Jordan’s NFTs. By participating in these platforms, fans and collectors can own a unique piece of basketball history and connect with the enduring legacy of one of the greatest athletes of all time.

To stay informed about the latest releases and updates regarding Michael Jordan’s NFT collections, it is recommended to follow official announcements and channels associated with Michael Jordan and HEIR Inc. This ensures access to the most current information and opportunities related to Jordan’s NFT offerings.


Michael Jordan’s entry into the world of NFTs has had a significant impact on the digital collectables space. His NFT collections, such as the ‘6 Rings’ collection, pay homage to his remarkable career and championship victories, resonating with fans and collectors worldwide. Through the HEIR platform and collaborations with other athletes, Jordan has fostered a strong and engaged community of ‘founding fans’ who can access exclusive content and opportunities. By leveraging his iconic legacy, Jordan has brought a new level of excitement and connection to the NFT world, further blurring the lines between sports, art, and digital collectables. His presence has undoubtedly elevated the status and recognition of NFTs, contributing to the continued growth and evolution of this emerging industry.

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Where can I find Michael Jordan's NFT collections?

Michael Jordan’s NFT collections are available on the HEIR platform, accessible through their website or mobile app.

What makes the ‘6 Rings’ collection special?

The ‘6 Rings’ collection pays tribute to Michael Jordan’s championship victories with the Chicago Bulls, allowing fans to own a piece of basketball history.

How can I stay updated on Michael Jordan’s NFT releases?

Stay informed about Michael Jordan’s NFT releases by following official announcements and channels associated with Michael Jordan and HEIR Inc.

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June 26, 2023