Doodles Releases its Much Awaited New NFT Project Doodles 2 on the Flow Blockchain


Doodles, an NFT ecosystem that comprises characters created by artist Scott Martin, also known as Burnt Toast, has launched its much-awaited Doodles 2 NFT project on the Flow blockchain.

The Doodles team has teased their latest project severally since last year, releasing an animated video that hinted at a “mass market, identity-focused” offshoot of the original project.

Doodles previously stated that the new project will allow people to mint a “base-level Doodle” and “choose generic traits like skin tone and hair color.” Doodles 2 is customizable using wearables with varying tiers of rarity. The Doodles 2 NFTs will be “dynamic” and the images will take the form of full-body or profile pictures (PFPs).

The Doodles team also launched mysterious Dooplicator NFTs connected to the Doodles 2 experience in May. Every Doodles holder could mint the NFTs for free.

On Tuesday, Doodles released a short video of various Doodles characters with customizable outfits, accessories, and music. The first step of the new NFT project will be opened to the holders of Doodles NFT on January 31.

The Doodles team wrote the following in a press release:

“Wearable collections will be released via limited-edition IRL drops tied to specific events and brand collaborations with notable partners and public figures.” The holders of the wearables can then trade them on Flow’s Gaia marketplace.

The Doodles team chose the Flow blockchain because of its “frictionless onboarding and world-class security, safety, and recoverability,” which is good for onboarding new users.

“We’ve productized the community’s desire to customize their Doodles so that it matches their IRL vibe exactly,” said Jordan Castro, Doodles co-founder and head of product. “Tech aside, Doodles 2 is the passport that’s used in all of our products – experiences, games, apps, music, animation releases, to bring further personalization, customization, and rewards to our fans,” he added.

The core Doodles NFT collection will continue running on the Ethereum blockchain.

“As we grow our brand across other verticals like animation and music, Flow’s accessible and seamless onboarding experience enables us to capture audiences that are introduced through traditional media channels,” said Julian Holguin, Doodles CEO. “We believe the combination of Ethereum and Flow is the ideal format to support and invest in our core Web3 community while opening the gates to welcome new collectors.”

Doodles launched a 10,000 PFP NFT project in October 2021. Doodles has since then released a free companion NFT project called Space Doodles for the holders. The project has also created its expansion plan, including gaming, music, events and attractions, IP partnerships, animation, and consumer products.

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By darnell
January 26, 2023