Bitcoin Ordinals Wallets Have Arrived


Bitcoin Ordinals continue to rise in popularity. With more than 123,000 Ordinals inscriptions forever written on the Bitcoin blockchain, and a thriving auction and trading scene for the most demanded tokens and collections, the status of Bitcoin as an NFT ecosystem has been secured. Although the chain’s version of NFTs started to proliferate in recent weeks, those seeking to interact with the chain and get an Ordinal have had to deal with a sluggish, opaque, and centralized tech framework.

The interface was not user-friendly, and Web3 developers were about to start filling the demand. Let’s discuss some of the solutions that have been implemented.

Ordinals Wallet

The Ordinals Wallet went live on February 16 and it is the newest Bitcoin wallet with explicit support for Ordinals Inscriptions. The wallet allows users to “receive, store, and view Ordinals” while the functionality for sending, transferring, buying, selling, and inscribing Ordinals is coming.

Bitcoin Ordinals wallets. Image: Ordinals Wallet

The Xverse Wallet

24 hours before the launch of the Ordinals Wallet, the Bitcoin Web3 wallet Xverse officially released the Bitcoin Ordinals service.

“For the past year, we’ve focused on building the most advanced Bitcoin wallet,” the company wrote on Twitter. “Today, we’ve launched 1st class support for ordinals.”

The wallet relieves users from running a full Bitcoin node to have a meaningful interaction with the blockchain. Users only have to pay a transaction fee in the wallet app itself. Users need Bitcoin (BTC) to pay for the fee and they can purchase this in-app using a fiat on-ramp service.

For a user to inscribe an Ordinal, they should upload an image or text to the app and send a transaction to the Ordinals address. The NFT will be shown in the user’s Xverse NFT collection after about half an hour.

Hiro Wallet

The Hiro wallet preceded the Xverse and Ordinals wallets with its testnet rollout done on February 14. “The fun is only getting started as we roll out expansive support for both Stacks-based NFTs and Ordinal inscriptions,” wrote Mark Hendrickson, the Hiro Wallet CEO during the launch of the wallet’s Bitcoin support this week.

Hiro wallet works in the same way as Xverse. The inscribing is done by Gama while the Ordinals are deposited directly into the user’s account under the “Collectibles” section. The company is planning to release more updates in the coming days.

Hiro Wallet

The rise in user-friendly ways for Web3 lovers to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain indicates the increasing desire by the NFT community for the new NFT ecosystem.

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By darnell
February 17, 2023