Amazon Launches a Documentary Series ‘NFTMe’ to Explore NFT Culture and Disruption Worldwide


Amazon has launched a new series, NFTMe, to help bring the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to everyone. The documentary series sheds light on how NFTs have impacted artists and collectors, exploring those whose lives have been transformed by NFT capabilities.

The collectors, artists, and industry professionals across the world share their experiences with Non-Fungible Tokens and discuss how the merger between art and technology has positively transformed their lives.

In six episodes each running for 30 minutes, NFTMe introduces 50 NFT pioneers from four continents including Queen Diambi Kabatusuila from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, American singer Susaye Greene of The Supremes, Refik Anadol, Peter Rafelson, a music producer for Madonna, a digital artist for SpaceX and NASA, and Cheryl Douglas of Portion, who created NFT collections for the Black-Eyed Peas.

The first episode of the series is about the NFT community and the journey different people have taken through digital culture, with top influencers discussing NFTs and the blockchain, and Queen Diambi of Congo explaining how her tribes have a Web3 mindset. The second episode of the series explores how Refik Anadol is making art with NASA and how Eminem started his NFT journey 20 years ago.

Other episodes in the series are about how brands are using NFTs to reach new audiences and generations, the tokenization of music, the impact of digital transformation on social life, the role of NFTs in recognizing and giving voice to artists, and the metaverse disruption.

Tech Talk Media, a firm producer, and Jonny Caplan, an award-winning director, are behind the documentary series. The production of the documentary started in 2019 but was affected by the Covid-19 restrictions. According to Tech Talk, the production of the documentary series involved “sending in A.I. robots equipped with LiDar sensors, enabling the director to remote move, direct, and communicate.”

“NFTMe intends to be the MTV of NFTs, providing the default go-to for information on NFTs in a clear, understandable, and effective way, enabling viewers to absorb the plethora of terminology, diversity, and opportunity in the Web3 realm, whilst experiencing the culture, the mood, the style, and the energy,” Tech Talk added.

The NFTMe documentary series is streaming on Amazon Prime, first in the United States and then in the United Kingdom. According to Tech Talk, the series will be rolled out to other broadcasters across the world in 2023.

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By darnell
December 21, 2022