A Complete Guide to Terraforms by Mathcastles NFT

Terraforms by Mathcastles is a collection that comprises 11,000 on-chain land art NFTs from an on-chain 3D world generated dynamically. The NFT project was developed by Mathcastles to come up with fair and lowkey launches of extremely on-chain artworks.

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The Terraforms virtual world is simply a 20-level 3D castle made up of 11.104 unique land plot NFTs. Each land plot has a live on-chain depiction of the code behind the NFT. This adds a great visual element to the concept of virtual land.

The NFTs have different characteristics and properties, but they represent land plots of a similar size. The level property also indicates the 3D location of a plot within the castle. The project developers have shared an image with the public that shows what the castle looks like. The NFT project uses the {x,y} coordinates to depict the location of the land plot in a 2D space.

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The other properties of the NFTs represent the various characteristics of the art that is connected to every unique land plot. For example, the chroma property depicts the animation speed of the connected land art piece, while the zone property depicts the color palette of each NFT.

When all these properties are combined, the NFT project creates a vibrant 3D virtual space and a great NFT art collection. That is why the Terraforms NFT collection has been booming recently.

The Terraforms artworks are not simply social 3D worlds but eternally stored data that is open to interpretation to particular visual representations with licenses that grant permission to creative use.

The Terraforms developers, Mathcastles, have not been very active in interacting with the NFT community and promoting the NFT project. Despite this, the Terraforms community has grown rapidly. The project sales prices have also increased and trading volumes have grown.

Terraforms by Mathcastles Price and Sales Data

The Terraforms by Mathcastles NFT floor price is 1.88 ETH, having risen by 9% in the last 24 hours. The floor price of the NFT has increased by 38% in the last 7 days, a clear indication that the NFT project is performing well in the market.

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The best offer price received in the last 24 hours is 1.709 ETH. The NFT project has made 26 sales in the last 24 hours. The number of sales has increased by 117% in the last 24 hours. The NFT currently has 1,984 owners, 20% of them being unique. The listing ratio for Terraforms by Mathcastles is currently 4%.

By darnell
October 20, 2022