A complete Guide to Street Machine NFT

Source: streetmachine.club

Street Machine is a new NFT collection and a Web3 anime brand built by SpenzerG, a video game artist who has won several awards. The NFT project is inspired by cyberpunk, sci-fi, and anime pop culture, and it is centered around a sprawling story culture that is told via an online graphic novel.

Of late, there has been a rise in the number of story-based NFT projects, but very few have told a cohesive narrative with real plots and character development. The Street Machine NFT project seeks to provide a solution by creating a collection that features a different story arch in which characters live and die.

The Street Machine NFT story will be told in 3 parts and blur the line between reality and fiction. The project invites people through fun surprises such as NFTs and gamification.

Street Machine will use NFTs to bring their characters to life and invite the community to actively participate in the creation of the story. This means that Street Machine NFT holders will be allowed to provide their input and have their characters featured as mains or extras based on their level of support.

The Street Machine NFT project starts only with NFTs and their initial novels, but the goal of the project is to create a universe. The characters are suitable for fan art, side stories, games, merch, physical collectibles, and more. The project is focused on creating a great first product in their collection and graphic novel and then expanding the brand and product line later through other mediums.

The Street Machine NFT project runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The final mint prices are expected to be announced later, but they will range between 0.01ETH and 0.03ETH.

Why you should join the Stream Machine NFT Community

The following are the benefits that you will gain after joining the Street Machine NFT project:

#1: Acquire great art

Source: streetmachine.club

The Street Machine NFT project provides its users with unique art. The project has a total of 8,000 unique NFT characters. Each NFT is hand-drawn by Spenzer himself and they feature more than 500 different traits. Street Machine NFTs are not simply JPEGs, but real characters in a universe in that you can participate in their development. The project allows you to choose your place and write your story. Thus, you have an opportunity to choose who you will be in the brave new world.

#2: Take part in the newest Web3 Anime Brand

Web3 has introduced new stories to help us innovate the way stories are told, written, and consumed. Street Machine will provide a new opportunity to leverage the innovations of Web3.

#3: Unlock access to future mints, upgrades, and airdrops

All Street Machine NFT holders will be given priority or free access to future mints, upgrades, and airdrops. Holding more Street Machine NFTs will also give you access to better perks.

#4: Join a group of like-minded individuals

Street Machine NFT will use the characters, artwork, and story to create a place where like-minded individuals can interact in a meaningful way. You will have fun, make friends, be entertained, and feel at home.

By darnell
October 10, 2022